Senior Salon and Barber Shop

The hair salon for seniors at the Falls Home is staffed with professionals hair stylists who are experienced with and prefer to work with mature clients. Salon hours are usually morning through early afternoon, although we may extend the hours before holidays or upon special request. Receiving regular styling services can help seniors feel more comfortable. We find that our residents are happier and more satisfied when provided with cosmetology services, because after all, who doesn’t want to feel beautiful? While some seniors may prefer to do their personal care routine on their own, having a salon within our senior care facility allows us to ensure our residents feel their best, even when personal care tasks may become difficult to do on their own. We encourage our residents to relax at the on-site salon for pampering and social time with friends or family members. Getting the chance to chat with stylists, other residents, or family members at our on site senior barber shop can help our residents feel more connected with their community.

All of our Patients have Access to Chef-Inspired Meals and Engaging MonthlyActivities