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What Are The Kinds Of Therapies Offered In Assisted Living Facilities? 

Assisted living facilities provide extra help, socialization, and peace of mind to elderly adults who require it. However, many assisted living facilities provide even more health and fitness opportunities to elderly adults. From health screenings to onsite doctor visits, seniors will be able to benefit from various services only steps away from their apartment. Therapy services are one of the biggest advantages of dwelling in assisted living facilities. 


Seniors living in assisted living communities can benefit from various types of therapy services. Usually, residents are offered occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language therapy, and respiratory therapy. Each of these therapies has a different purpose and can be utilized on a long-term or short-term basis. The different types of rehabilitation therapies offered in assisted living facilities are discussed below. 


Physical Therapy 

This therapy focuses on the movement of large muscles. Elderly adults with decreased strength in their extremities or poor balance can benefit from this type of therapy. The therapist will work with the senior to maintain or increase muscle tone, providing seniors a better chance at doing tasks without help and decreasing the risks of falls. 


Restorative programs are done by physical therapists. These programs will be led by nursing staff or caregivers and will be designed with the needs of each resident in mind. In regular care sessions, caregivers work with seniors to perform exercises that are aimed at increasing strength and range of motion. 


Speech-Language Therapy 

This therapy not only focuses on speech but also on any language-related issues. It can address any mouth-related concerns like chewing or swallowing food. Elderly adults who face problems with chewing or swallowing food can have very good success rates when working with a speech-language therapist. In addition, seniors with short-term memory loss can also benefit from these therapy sessions. A speech therapist can work with seniors on language deficits, judgment problems, and other cognitive issues that can arise as a result of a stroke or due to the onset of dementia. 


Occupational Therapy 

This type of therapy focuses on improving the fine motor skills of the person as well as hygiene tasks. Seniors suffering from mobility issues due to stroke or arthritis can benefit from working with an occupational therapist. These therapists can teach seniors new methods and ways to complete daily activities. Occupational therapists can find adaptive equipment that can help seniors be independent, which can positively affect the body awareness and self-esteem of seniors. 


Respiratory Therapy 

This type of therapy is crucial for seniors who are suffering from breathing problems. Respiratory therapists play an important part in the recovery of seniors struggling with breathing issues. The immunity levels of many seniors are very low and for many, a common cold can easily transform into pneumonia, which can make breathing strenuous. This is where respiratory therapists can offer their assistance. They can massage and tap to loosen mucus and thereby improve breathing. 


Benefits Of Therapy 

Residents of assisted living facilities who work with therapists can do so in their apartment or a space that is designated for such activities. The easy access to therapy appointments can increase the chances of participation and engagement, apart from offering the therapist chances to communicate with the staff and caregivers helping the senior resident daily. 


Assisted living residents who work with therapists can not only reduce the risk of injuries from falls and increase their endurance to do tasks independently but also can improve their self-esteem and many even recover from hospital stays quickly. If you believe that your favorite senior can get benefitted from the different therapy services, feel free to talk with their senior care community.

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