24 Hour Caregivers

Our vigilant professionals work hard to foster an experience tailored to your loved ones unique healthcare needs.  With 24 hour support, our home enables seniors to live in a homelike environment while receiving personalized care. You’ll never need to be anxious about your loved one’s safety thanks to our vigilant 24 hour support. In addition to 24 hour staffing, we monitor each resident’s health status and provide specialized intervention programs to help manage their health. Our health programs help our senior residents communicate with their doctors to schedule appointments and transportation to and from appointments, as well as managing prescriptions. The round-the-clock caregivers at the Falls Home are happy to help residents keep their prescriptions in order and are well-trained to ensure that each senior is taking their medication exactly as prescribed. Our health monitoring also includes management of nutrition and weight, because these are some of the most important aspects of general well-being.  We maintain a registered nurse on staff as well, to ensure that our staff is prepared for any possible medical emergency. Our 24 hour caregiver services also provide residents with assistance for personal needs, such as bathing or showering, dressing, hygiene and any other needs they may require help with.

All of our Patients have Access to Chef-Inspired Meals and Engaging MonthlyActivities