We ensure you that your loved one will be pleasantly surprised with just how fabulous the food is at the Falls Home. Residents have a variety of choices for each meal, as well as the ability to request substitutions. Our menus are designed under the supervision of a registered dietician to ensure that each resident receives all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. Seniors with food or drink restrictions will feel secure and comfortable, as our dietary staff are expertly trained in providing nutritious, tasty meals for any special dietary needs. Our carefully designed meals are always well-balanced and are changed regularly to ensure our residents are always looking forward to meals. Holidays are an especially important time in a senior living center, so we take special care to plan festive traditional events and meals for holiday occasions. We want our residents to feel as though they are at a restaurant where they can enjoy their food and socialize with friends. The four dining rooms at our senior living facility provide our residents with the option of choosing a different environment for each meal to help keep meal time enjoyable. Each dining area is staffed with our friendly dietary staff to ensure resident satisfaction and safety. Healthy snacks are available all day long, so no resident has to feel hungry between meals. You can check out our monthly menu below to get an idea of the delicious meals we offer.

All of our Patients have Access to Chef-Inspired Meals and Engaging MonthlyActivities