Medication Management

By providing medication support, we help our residents maintain and stay on top of their health. As we get older, it may become more difficult to manage medications without assistance. With increased age, a person may be prescribed multiple medications or may find themselves having trouble remembering to take scheduled medication. Prescriptions for multiple medications can be confusing: they may need to be taken at different times, with or without food, or may interact with other medications. Our expert staff help remove any doubt about whether our residents are taking their medicine as prescribed. Residents are encouraged to share with staff if they feel their medications become less effective or have otherwise changed, and our staff are always ready to communicate with each residents’ doctor to ensure their medication schedule is what’s best for them. Our assisted living medication management services include reminding residents when it’s time to take meds, storing and handing meds to residents, and documenting residents’ medication history. Actual administration may only be performed by appropriately licensed professionals.

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