Social & Recreational Activities

Residents at the Falls Home are encouraged to be a part of our social activities and live the luxurious life they deserve. An enriching and engaging social life is an essential part to living happily and healthily, so it’s one of our top priorities. After retiring, seniors may find themselves overwhelmed by their newfound free time. We’re happy to help our residents find meaningful activities to fill that free time with a wide variety of recreational activities that they can engage in on their own or with other residents. Social and recreational activities aren’t just fun, either: they’re good for a senior’s health, too! Mentally stimulating activities like board games, card games, crafts, book clubs, and educational activities are all great ways to help slow cognitive decline and ease the symptoms of dementia.

Socializing with staff and other residents is also a great way for seniors to adjust to the changes of assisted living. We do our best to involve new residents and make them feel welcomed to help them adjust to their new life. This emotional support helps our residents avoid loneliness, which has been shown to lead to depression, hypertension, and other health conditions.

Our facility is also conveniently located near restaurants, parks, shopping, hospitals and more, with transportation and assistance available to make visiting these places possible.

All of our Patients have Access to Chef-Inspired Meals and Engaging MonthlyActivities