Visitation is now fully opened. You no longer need to schedule visits with our residents.  Masks are required and you will need to complete a screening before visiting with residents. 
Please see attached "Visitor fact sheet."


24 Hour Caregivers

Our vigilant professionals work hard to foster an experience tailored to your loved ones unique healthcare needs.  With 24 hour support, our home enables seniors to live in a homelike environment while receiving personalized care. You'll never need to be anxious about your loved one's safety thanks to our vigilant 24 hour support. In addition to 24 hour staffing, we monitor each resident’s health status and provide specialized intervention programs to help manage their health. Our health programs help our senior residents communicate with their doctors to schedule appointments and transportation to and from appointments, as well as managing prescriptions. The round-the-clock caregivers at the Falls Home are happy to help residents keep their prescriptions in order and are well-trained to ensure that each senior is taking their medication exactly as prescribed. Our health monitoring also includes management of nutrition and weight, because these are some of the most important aspects of general well-being.  We maintain a registered nurse on staff as well, to ensure that our staff is prepared for any possible medical emergency. Our 24 hour caregiver services also provide residents with assistance for personal needs, such as bathing or showering, dressing, hygiene and any other needs they may require help with.
  • RN On Staff
  • Bathing-Dressing and Grooming assistance
  • Monitor General Health
  • Arrange Medical appointments/Transportation to appointments
  • Collaborate with Physicians regarding physical or emotional changes
  • Update families on change of status
  • Provide emotional support as needed
  • Monitor the safety of all residents

Social & Recreational Activities

Residents at the Falls Home are encouraged to be a part of our social activities and live the luxurious life they deserve. An enriching and engaging social life is an essential part to living happily and healthily, so it's one of our top priorities. After retiring, seniors may find themselves overwhelmed by their newfound free time. We're happy to help our residents find meaningful activities to fill that free time with a wide variety of recreational activities that they can engage in on their own or with other residents. Social and recreational activities aren't just fun, either: they're good for a senior's health, too! Mentally stimulating activities like board games, card games, crafts, book clubs, and educational activities are all great ways to help slow cognitive decline and ease the symptoms of dementia. Socializing with staff and other residents is also a great way for seniors to adjust to the changes of assisted living. We do our best to involve new residents and make them feel welcomed to help them adjust to their new life. This emotional support helps our residents avoid loneliness, which has been shown to lead to depression, hypertension, and other health conditions. Our facility is also conveniently located near restaurants, parks, shopping, hospitals and more, with transportation and assistance available to make visiting these places possible.
  • Full Time Activities Director on staff
  • Music events
  • Board, Video and card games
  • Food centered activities
  • Story Time
  • Holiday Programs
  • Exercise and balance programs
  • Crafts


We ensure you that your loved one will be pleasantly surprised with just how fabulous the food is at the Falls Home. Residents have a variety of choices for each meal, as well as the ability to request substitutions. Our menus are designed under the supervision of a registered dietician to ensure that each resident receives all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. Seniors with food or drink restrictions will feel secure and comfortable, as our dietary staff are expertly trained in providing nutritious, tasty meals for any special dietary needs. Our carefully designed meals are always well-balanced and are changed regularly to ensure our residents are always looking forward to meals. Holidays are an especially important time in a senior living center, so we take special care to plan festive traditional events and meals for holiday occasions. We want our residents to feel as though they are at a restaurant where they can enjoy their food and socialize with friends. The four dining rooms at our senior living facility provide our residents with the option of choosing a different environment for each meal to help keep meal time enjoyable. Each dining area is staffed with our friendly dietary staff to ensure resident satisfaction and safety. Healthy snacks are available all day long, so no resident has to feel hungry between meals. You can check out our monthly menu below to get an idea of the delicious meals we offer.
  • Registered dietician services
  • Four dining rooms
  • Three well balanced nutritious meals per day
  • Snacks available throughout the day
  • Holiday meals are celebrated with festive traditions
  • Dietary staff monitor the dining areas to ensure each residents satisfaction.

Senior Salon and Barber Shop

The hair salon for seniors at the Falls Home is staffed with professionals hair stylists who are experienced with and prefer to work with mature clients. Salon hours are usually morning through early afternoon, although we may extend the hours before holidays or upon special request. Receiving regular styling services can help seniors feel more comfortable. We find that our residents are happier and more satisfied when provided with cosmetology services, because after all, who doesn't want to feel beautiful? While some seniors may prefer to do their personal care routine on their own, having a salon within our senior care facility allows us to ensure our residents feel their best, even when personal care tasks may become difficult to do on their own. We encourage our residents to relax at the on-site salon for pampering and social time with friends or family members. Getting the chance to chat with stylists, other residents, or family members at our on site senior barber shop can help our residents feel more connected with their community.
  • Full service salon
  • Shampoo
  • Hair cuts
  • Perms/Color
  • Beard trimming and shaving for men
  • Manicures and pedicures

Medication Management

By providing medication support, we help our residents maintain and stay on top of their health. As we get older, it may become more difficult to manage medications without assistance. With increased age, a person may be prescribed multiple medications or may find themselves having trouble remembering to take scheduled medication. Prescriptions for multiple medications can be confusing: they may need to be taken at different times, with or without food, or may interact with other medications. Our expert staff help remove any doubt about whether our residents are taking their medicine as prescribed. Residents are encouraged to share with staff if they feel their medications become less effective or have otherwise changed, and our staff are always ready to communicate with each residents' doctor to ensure their medication schedule is what's best for them. Our assisted living medication management services include reminding residents when it’s time to take meds, storing and handing meds to residents, and documenting residents’ medication history. Actual administration may only be performed by appropriately licensed professionals.
  • Assist in developing a medication schedule
  • Review medication regimen
  • Create a complete list of prescribed and over the counter medications
  • Evaluate response to medications and effectiveness
  • Communicate with residents’ doctor for optimal outcome


At Falls Home we make sure the rooms and facilities are tidy, well ordered, and clean. As we get older, tasks that we're used to doing ourselves may get more difficult due to the effects of aging. Doing laundry, vacuuming, and other cleaning tasks must be done on a regular basis, but they can be physically strenuous. While we encourage all our residents to be as independent as they can, we provide housekeeping services to ensure that all rooms and facilities are always looking their best. By providing daily house keeping services, we make certain that all our residents feel happy and comfortable in knowing that our facility is spotless. In addition to our standard cleaning services, we provide laundry and linen service on a weekly basis, so your loved ones attire and linen stays hygienic.
  • Daily Housekeeping Services
  • Full Laundry and Linen Service-Weekly

All of our Patients have Access to Chef-Inspired Meals and Engaging MonthlyActivities