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Senior Care skilled nurses aiding senior patients

A Detailed Guide On Skilled Nursing Care 

Skilled nursing care is high-level and complex medical care that is directly supervised by a certified medical professional. These licensed or certified medical professionals usually include a registered nurse, a speech therapist or an occupational therapist, and a physical therapist. Skilled nursing care can be provided in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, rehabilitation center, or the home of the person.   Some of the common examples of skilled care are wound care, occupational therapy, physical therapy, IV therapy or maintenance, speech therapy, complex disease management, etc. It is common to require skilled nursing interventions or care while recovering in the hospital after surgery or while building strength to return home. Skilled nursing care does not include the services that are offered by a certified nursing assistant or the tasks done by a senior caregiver. For instance, help with daily hygiene activities like bathing and dressing are not considered skilled nursing care.   Skilled Nursing In Assisted Living Communities  Many people think that skilled nursing care only happens in hospitals. However, it can also be provided in other places, which include assisted living facilities. Even though assisted living facilities can provide much assistance, the assisted living license provided by their respective state only allows these communities to offer care to only a certain extent. This means that a high level of skilled nursing care is not allowed in assisted living care.   Though the residents of assisted living communities receive assistance round the clock from caregivers, there can be times when […]

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Caring for Senior with Cerebral Palsy | The Falls Home

Coping Strategies For Caregivers Assisting Loved Ones With Cerebral Palsy 

Children and adults with cerebral palsy can have varying levels of disabilities and limitations and some people need a lot of care and will not be able to live independently. Caring for loved ones with cerebral palsy can be rewarding, but can be difficult. Caregivers will also need help and if you are a caregiver, you need to understand how to cope when the job gets tough.    Caregivers have a significant part to play in the life of people suffering from cerebral palsy. As cerebral palsy is a condition that affects muscles and mobility, people with moderate to severe disabilities rely much on their primary caregivers to complete daily activities. They will need the help of caregivers to get dressed, eat, bathe and do other daily activities. Some people will need help a few hours a day and some others will need care throughout the day.    Coping As A Cerebral Palsy Caregiver  Caregiving is an important job and caregivers can be vulnerable to stress, burnout, fatigue, and even depression. Taking care of a loved one suffering from cerebral palsy can take a toll on the personal and professional life of the family of the caregiver. When taking care of a loved one with cerebral palsy, you may experience strain and fatigue. However, there are strategies that you can use to ensure that you are happy and healthy while still offering excellent care to your senior loved one. The coping strategies shared by experts in senior living and senior […]

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Family discussing senior care, tips for disputes, assisted living options

Tips To Settle Disputes About Senior Care

Aging can have its own physical and mental health issues. In addition, it can also come with crisis, stress, and emotional decisions that can result in disagreements between adult children, parents, siblings, and other family members. If you find yourself in the middle of a debate about senior care options and problems, it can result in stressful family gatherings and may lead to family rifts if not handled properly. The tips shared by experts in senior assisted living can be helpful to calm the storm of senior care disputes between members of a family.   Relax And Inhale Deeply Being scared and overwhelmed in a hospital emergency room with a failing parent may make anyone lash out at a sibling or any other family member. If you find that the situation is escalating, step out and take a deep breath. It will be helpful to remove yourself from the heated atmosphere as it can give you a fresh outlook and perspective. You may re-approach at another time when the situation is not much urgent.   Organize A Sit-Down  Having a family meeting can ensure that every member of the family gets a chance to express their opinions and listen to the opinion of others. You need to ensure that the atmosphere is non-confrontational and for that, you may head to a restaurant. You can also set strict time frames so that every family member leaves the meeting at the agreed-upon time.   Understand The Facts  In situations where members of […]

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how to care for elderly family member, NY senior care facilities

Assisting Family Members With Multiple Sclerosis

You can be the primary caregiver for a senior loved one suffering from multiple sclerosis. The job of caregiving can consume much of your energy and can challenge your patience. You need to ensure that the medicines are up to date, do the household chores, make sure that doctor appointments are not missed, and that your senior loved one keeps up with the physical routines. There are many ways to cope and the tips shared by experts in senior care and nursing care can be helpful to you.    Make Certain That The Home Is Safe And Accessible  You need to contemplate the current and as well as the upcoming accessibility needs of your senior loved one. You may also consult with experts on your opinions. To ensure accessibility, you may have to perform home renovations, some of which can be simple and others costly. It is important to ensure the safety of your senior loved one and offer as much independence as possible to the person. Also, make sure to build a setting that helps reduce your stress and strain. Renovate the home to offer easy entry and exit and make the doorways wide enough for a wheelchair or a walker.    Get The Right Equipment  Problems like general discomfort and bedsores can be easily avoided if the wheelchair is properly sized with a good cushion. You may also consider a hospital bed that raises and lowers as it can help make life easy for everyone. Another option is […]

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Senior Gardening benefits

What Are The Benefits Of Gardening For Seniors?

Retirement does not mean that the only exciting thing in your life is the weekly bingo game. Your golden years can be a great time to start a new hobby. Gardening can be a great option for seniors and can be filled with challenges, surprises, and many changes making it a great choice for elderly adults of all skill levels.   Whether you grow some small outdoor plants, indoor succulents, or keep a small farm in the backyard of your house, gardening can be an enjoyable activity for virtually anyone. Some of the benefits of gardening for elderly adults as shared by staff in senior assisted living and other senior living facilities across the nation are shared below.   Eat What You Grow  If you grow vegetables and fruits in your garden, you can harvest them and feed your family. As per the experts, a well-maintained garden can help you save about six hundred dollars per year on groceries. Even though you are not concerned about the budget, you need to understand that there is no substitute for fresh produce. Gardening can be an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, and you can easily control what is in your food with gardening. If you are concerned about the presence of fertilizers and pesticides in the food you eat, you can opt for gardening.   Ensure Vitamin D  As per the experts in senior living, 44% of senior men and 26% of senior women are deficient in vitamin D. It […]

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Why is senior living a safer option?

Why Senior Living Can Be A Safer Option Than Aging In Place?

The senior care industry is full of phrases and acronyms that many of us learn only as we begin to age. You may have heard the common phrase “age in place” and might have wondered what it means. Generally, aging in place means getting older in one location, typically, the family home, making use of support services and resources. Even though the concept can sound good, it might not be the best option to remain as healthy as possible. This is because aging in place can lead to issues with socialization, wellness, and accessibility.   In fact, in the middle of this global pandemic, the safest place to be for seniors may be in an assisted living facility or other senior care facilities, instead of isolated homes. Let us see why senior living can be a safer option when compared to aging in place.   Accessibility Problems  Even though many seniors express a desire to remain at their homes as they age, their homes can no longer work for them and can be unsafe if they use a walker or some other devices to help with mobility. For instance, consider the master bedroom. If it is on the second floor of the home, elder adults with reduced levels of endurance can find it challenging to climb up and down the stairs. To solve this, if the master bedroom is moved to the first floor of the house, the elderly adult will miss out on strength-building activity and will end up […]

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Elderly couple in senior living facility

Finding Senior Living Facilities For Elderly Couples

The number of seniors who are married has increased in the past few decades, as per the US Census Bureau. Increased life expectancy, remarriage, and a decrease in the age gap between men and women are all reasons for this increase. This means that more and more families are now searching for senior living facilities that support the need of both parents. Senior living options for couples can vary depending on the requirements for care and the design of the community. Some of the most common scenarios that elderly couples face while looking for senior living options and a few possible solutions for the same are shared below.   Both Of Your Senior Parents Care Needs Differ One of your elderly parents may require assistance with their daily living activities, while the other may be independent. Or one of the partners might be experiencing symptoms of dementia or other cognitive problems while the other may not have any cognitive problems. You are required to hunt for a community that can cater to the needs of both your parents.   Many assisted facilities also have memory care facilities attached to them. If one of your senior parents shows signs of dementia, or if there is a family history of dementia, this can be a very good option. Some of the assisted living communities let the couples move to a memory care apartment together. However, as memory care and assisted living are not the same, a partner diagnosed with cognitive issues like dementia […]

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Seniors engaging in activities at a New York senior care facility.

Respectful Caregiving For Seniors With Dementia 

When your senior loved one suffers from dementia and spends much time in a state of confusion, it can be difficult for you to remember the person they were before the onset of the disease. However, you always need to remember that the person is an adult and needs to be treated as one. Respecting and honoring the wishes of your senior loved ones and helping them maintain a lifestyle similar to the one that they had before being diagnosed with dementia, can offer them much reassurance and comfort. Shared below are some useful points from experienced staff members of senior care and assisted living facilities on how you can help your senior loved ones with dementia maintain a sense of dignity.   Never Condescend  When you are caring for a senior loved one, it can feel like it is impossible not to take a parental tone, which can come across as disrespectful and can make the senior loved one you are caring for feel like a child. Therefore, you need to watch your tone and make choices of words. Avoid using the following words:   Diaper: Regardless of the form they have, refer to undergarments as underwear.   Potty: Never use the word potty for toileting. Make use of the word your senior loved one used before the onset of dementia to refer to toileting.   Plan Outings  When you care for people with dementia, it can be easy to be isolated from social settings due to fear that social gatherings […]

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An elderly woman and a staff member at an assisted living home.

A Few Stimulating Activities For The Elderly

Have you recently started to feel that the senior in your life has slumped into a daily rut? It is a common thing for elders to develop a routine that can dull their spirits and negatively impact their mental and physical wellbeing. However, you need not worry, as many stimulating activities can help improve the quality of life of your senior loved one. Many ideas can improve the physical abilities and mental capabilities of seniors. Engaging in stimulating activities can benefit seniors in many ways like: Minimizing depression and agitation Maintaining motor skills Get a feeling of accomplishment A few stimulating activities for seniors are discussed below. These activities can help seniors become more engaged in their lives. Gardening  For seniors who enjoy the outdoors, gardening can be a great option. Even if they do not have the agility and strength to perform advanced gardening activities, they can always do the basic gardening tasks like seed placement, watering, raking, etc. Gardening is an activity that can arouse the senses and can give seniors a chance to get vitamin D. For seniors who are more physically able, there are tasks like weeding, digging, and potting. Many assisted living communities and senior homes encourage their residents to take part in gardening. Exercises And Walking  Walking is a physical activity that can help seniors ensure a flow of endorphins. Seniors can walk around the community or many also join swimming programs or exercise groups. Organized exercise sessions like aerobics and yoga are also […]

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A man touring an assisted living facility.

Tips For Touring Assisted Living Facilities

Finding the right assisted living facility for your senior loved one is a really important decision for you to make. There are a few important things that you should look out for while assessing a senior living facility and you need to consider the quality of care that your senior loved one may receive in the facility. The below tips can be used while touring senior care communities to find the facility that your senior loved one will be comfortable staying in. Observe The Level Of Cleanliness  Observe the place and see if it feels clean and fresh. Enquire about the frequency at which housekeeping is provided in personal living space. Besides, collect details about the type of maintenance offered and the estimated time of response. Do not miss out on enquiring about the specifics such as what is being offered and at what expense. Foul smells in the property can indicate a lack of cleanliness or some temporary issues. If the odor is concentrated in an area, it can be due to a recent incident, and smells throughout the assisted living community can be an indication of a bigger problem. Make it a point to ask the manager about the cause of the problem. Observe Staff Friendliness  The friendliness and attitude of the staff are important things that you need to pay attention to. Watch several staff members interacting with the residents to assess their friendliness. Do the staff members listen to the residents and share a mutual eye […]

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