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Being Widowed Does Not Mean Spending Your Retirement Alone 

Becoming a widower or widow will not be a part of anyone’s retirement plan.  After all, spending time with your life partner is one of the biggest perks of retirement life. However, all of us might not be lucky enough to enjoy such a life. If you find yourself grieving your partner or spouse in your retirement life, you can find comfort in knowing that you need not live your retirement life alone. There are many ways in which you can find stability and connection in your retirement life, without losing the love that you shared with your life partner. Some of these ways are shared below.  Make New Connections  Seniors in retirement facilities will be vulnerable to health issues from feelings of loneliness. Losing a spouse can add to the feelings of loneliness and loss. Even though new connections cannot replace the relationship shared by you and your life partner, you can always continue to make new connections in assisted living facilities. Finding new friends might not be difficult in your retirement life. Instead of that, you can focus on making new connections by sharing your life experiences. To make new connections, you can attend an outdoor concert, attend a book club, etc. Always keep in mind that shared experiences are the building block of a new friendship.  Continue Traditions  Even though continuing the traditions that you and your spouse shared can make you sad, continuing the traditions can help you feel connected to your life partner and can […]

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Things That Can Affect The Driving Of Your Senior Loved One 

Are you worried about the driving of your senior loved one? Have your friends or family expressed concerns about his/her driving? Changes in health and age-related problems can affect the driving skills of your senior loved one. Do not risk hurting your senior loved one or others. As per the opinion of the experts in our senior living and assisted living facility, you need to talk to the doctor of your senior loved one about the concerns that you have about the health and driving skills of your senior loved one. A few things that can affect the driving capability of your senior loved one are discussed below for your knowledge.  Stiff Muscles And Joints  With age, the joints and muscles of your senior loved one can get stiff and weak. Arthritis is a common problem among seniors and can affect their ability to drive. With age, it can be difficult for seniors to turn their heads to look back, brake safely, or turn the steering wheel quickly. Make sure that your senior loved one sees his or her doctor if arthritis, pain, or stiffness is getting in the way of his or her driving. Also, you can make them drive a vehicle with automatic transmission, large mirrors, and power brakes.  Trouble Hearing  With age, the hearing abilities of seniors can change, making it difficult for them to notice horns or even noises from their own vehicles. Hearing loss can affect the driving capability of seniors as these sounds can […]

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Importance Of In-Home Patient Care For Hip Replacement Surgery 

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure that is usually performed on seniors above the age of sixty. This procedure is typically performed when hip problems significantly interfere with the day-to-day activities of the person. People suffering from hip problems can experience severe pain from arthritic conditions. The condition can become so bad that the mobility of the person can be negatively affected. It can make it difficult for seniors to feel independent at home when they are struggling with mobility issues and are unable to perform daily routines.    After a person undergoes hip replacement surgery, the home of the person plays an important role in helping the person return to normal life after the hospital stay. Also, senior caregivers play a significant role in the recovery of the person after the surgery. Let us see how senior care providers can help patients recover quickly from hip replacement surgery.    Caregivers Can Let Patients Focus On Healing  When a senior person who has undergone hip replacement has the support of caregivers, the person can focus on his or her healing. Despite being a major surgery, the patient should be able to return to their daily life in time after their hip replacement. The care team of the person should prepare the senior caregiver for all the things to expect at home in the healing period. Seniors getting new hips should focus on getting stronger and this will include pain management and taking part in regular but moderate exercise. The exercise […]

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Here Is How Yoga Is Beneficial For Seniors 

Seniors these days understand that growing older does not have to mean moving slower or growing sicker. Many seniors choose to remain active throughout retirement and assisted living and other senior rehab facilities help them with this. While some seniors are lifting weights or running marathons, many choose to go with the ancient practice of yoga. As per the experts in senior living, yoga can be beneficial for people of all ages, including seniors. Shared below are some of the important benefits of yoga for seniors.    Improved Flexibility  Yoga can help improve the flexibility of the practitioner. With the increase in flexibility, the rate of injury from falls can be minimized. In addition, seniors practicing yoga can recover quickly from pain and other injuries.    More Balance  With age, our balance can suffer. When seniors take part in yoga sessions, they are actively working on their body balance. Many yoga poses like the tree pose can help the practitioner improve his/her balance. With an improvement in balance, the chances of injury from falls are reduced.    Improved Body Awareness  In yoga sessions, practitioners are made to pay attention to specific areas and parts of their bodies. This can improve body awareness which can translate to reduced falls and increased awareness when they are ill or fatigued.    Enhanced Brain Activity  Experts claim that taking a yoga class offers much more than just physical benefits. The majority of the yoga poses entail outstretching an arm over the body of the […]

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Take Note Of These Tips While Planning A Vacation With Your Favorite Senior

Indeed, people of all ages can be consumed by wanderlust. No one can dispute the sense of relaxation offered by a trip. Science has also backed up the happy feelings offered by a vacation, no matter if your trip is to a nearby town or across the ocean to another country. A study that was published by the American psychological association noted that trips can help combat negative emotions and stress by taking us away from our stressful lives. However, the benefits of travel and vacation go much beyond stress relief.   Vacations are important and seniors can benefit from traveling. If you are planning to travel with your senior loved one, you will have to plan appropriately to ensure that your trip is safe and enjoyable. As a senior assisted living and senior care facility, we share some tips to help you plan your trip with your senior loved one.   Consult The Physician  Before traveling with your senior loved one, you need to consult a geriatrician. Make sure to book an appointment with the doctor of your senior loved one or call the doctor’s office to ask about the possible negative consequences of traveling. Most doctors will be happy to offer advice and any potential contraindications of travel. Once you have received a green flag from the doctor, you can commence the process of planning the vacation.    Do Not Forget Medications  Ensure that you have all the prescriptions ordered and ready for the travel. A call or […]

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How Can Coffee Be A Healthy Alternative For Seniors? 

 How many of you think that healthy aging means giving up your morning cup of coffee? If you counted yourself in, you need to think again. As per many senior care experts, a morning cup of coffee can help prevent many diseases like heart health issues and dementia.    Caffeine And Heart Health  Many studies and research suggest that coffee can help improve your heart health. However, the mechanism of action of coffee was not clear until recently. A study on mice offers clarity in this respect. In this study, researchers looked at heart attacks in mice and the way caffeine changed the working of the cardiovascular system. The team of researchers discovered that caffeine promoted the movement of a protein called p27 into the heart cells. This protein helped the endothelial cells of the heart to move.    The study also revealed that p27 protein stimulated by caffeine prevented the death of heart cells during a heart attack. In addition, the protein encourages the differentiation of cells with contractile fiber that is very important for heart health and function. With age, our blood vessels can harden, increasing the danger of stroke or a heart attack. By supporting the healthy movement of the endothelial cells, coffee can also slow the effects of age on the cardiovascular system.    Additional Health Benefits Of Coffee  Caffeine present in coffee is an antioxidant, meaning that it can fight oxidative damage due to aging. Some of the other benefits of including coffee in your […]

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Some Startling Facts About Alzheimer’s Disease 

It might seem impersonal to talk about Alzheimer’s disease purely based on statistics and facts. After all, Alzheimer’s affects many seniors and their families, and boiling it down to some numbers is like neglecting the struggle endured by these families daily. However, the statistics cannot be ignored and it shows that the disease affects millions of people across the world. This includes patients, their families, and caregivers.    The big numbers combined with the struggles of those affected should be considered while deciding on what should be done to decrease the impact in the coming years. Some of the startling facts about Alzheimer’s disease as shared by the Alzheimer’s foundation are given below to help you make a perspective about the severity of the condition and the importance of memory care.    Alzheimer’s Facts    It Is The Sixth Leading Cause Of Death In The United States As per the experts in senior living, Alzheimer’s is not just a type of dementia, but it is a killer. The statistics show that more Americans die of Alzheimer’s than influenza, diabetes, pneumonia, and suicide. This statistic may be probably worse, as many seniors in the country die of Alzheimer’s-related causes like stroke or heart attack, which shows up in another death category.    Alzheimer’s Death Has Increased Since 2000 As more and more people now enter their senior years generally healthily; life expectancy has increased and this has contributed to the statistics. Also, Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases are diagnosed and treated […]

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Ensuring Good Nutrition For Seniors In Winter 

Whether you have been waiting for the summer months to end or are dreading the end of planting season, the winter cold is unavoidable. Getting flu shots, washing hands and plenty of holiday cheer can help you stay happy and healthy in the winter season. Ensuring proper nutrition is important for all of us, especially seniors. Therefore, fill up your body with nutritious food this winter to stay healthy. The winter nutrition tips for seniors shared below will help elderly adults enjoy the holidays, and avoid trips to doctor offices.    What To Eat To Ensure Health?  As per the experts in senior care and senior living, some nutritional requirements remain the same all year round. You need to have a lot of fiber and protein to remain healthy. Food items like nuts, lentils, fish, and eggs are very good sources of protein that can ensure muscle and brain health. To ensure proper fiber intake, you can comprehend vegetables and fruits in your diet. The strategies that are shared below can help you target some of the common winter health issues.   Increase Intake Of Vitamin D: We all know that sunlight is a very good source of vitamin D, meaning that you can be deficient in the vitamin during the winter months. This vitamin plays an important role in calcium metabolism in our body and the deficiency of the same can lead to decreased bone density and fractures. To ensure proper vitamin D intake, you can include dairy products in […]

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What Is Active Senior Living? 

As per the experts in senior assisted living, most of the seniors wish to age in place, living in their homes. For many elderly adults, the thought of moving to assisted living facilities can be frightening due to fears of being put away in a senior care home or abandoned by a community of aged people who do nothing. However, research shows that elderly adults who move to senior living communities have a happy and healthy life. This is because life in a senior living community can help avoid loneliness as there are many chances to socialize in these communities.    Active senior living can help counteract the isolation that many elderly adults feel at home, that too, at a much affordable rate than many seniors expect. So, why do many seniors fear transitioning to assisted living communities? We are usually afraid of the unfamiliar and modern senior living communities are much different from the nursing homes of the past. Many of us may not have visited a senior living community and this is why we make our retirement decisions based on fears. This can mean missing out on one of the most affordable and the best ways to ensure a happy retirement life.    Active senior living can offer you everything you need to make your retirement life exceptional. If you have not heard of active senior living, read along to know more about this life-changing senior living option.    Active Senior Living  Active senior living provides elderly adults […]

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Assisting Family Members With Multiple Sclerosis

You can be the primary caregiver for a senior loved one suffering from multiple sclerosis. The job of caregiving can consume much of your energy and can challenge your patience. You need to ensure that the medicines are up to date, do the household chores, make sure that doctor appointments are not missed, and that your senior loved one keeps up with the physical routines. There are many ways to cope and the tips shared by experts in senior care and nursing care can be helpful to you.    Make Certain That The Home Is Safe And Accessible  You need to contemplate the current and as well as the upcoming accessibility needs of your senior loved one. You may also consult with experts on your opinions. To ensure accessibility, you may have to perform home renovations, some of which can be simple and others costly. It is important to ensure the safety of your senior loved one and offer as much independence as possible to the person. Also, make sure to build a setting that helps reduce your stress and strain. Renovate the home to offer easy entry and exit and make the doorways wide enough for a wheelchair or a walker.    Get The Right Equipment  Problems like general discomfort and bedsores can be easily avoided if the wheelchair is properly sized with a good cushion. You may also consider a hospital bed that raises and lowers as it can help make life easy for everyone. Another option is […]

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