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A nurse and resident in adult foster care.

Understanding Adult Foster Care 

Adult foster care is any care that is offered to an adult in a home-based environment. Ordinarily, this type of care is provided to adults with intellectual or developmental impairments. These disabilities can affect their ability to lead a normal life.  Adult foster care usually offers assistance with activities that are a part and parcel of daily living. A few examples include the following ones listed below: Meal preparation  Cleaning and laundry  Personal grooming  Dressing  Climbing stairs and walking  Medication management    Adult foster care is also called small group assisted living, domiciliary care, adult family care, etc. Usually, this type of care is provided in homes with less than six residents, whereas the assisted living homes offer care to large groups. Adult foster care can also ensure the personal safety of the seniors.  How Does Adult Foster Care Work?  Adult foster care provides varying levels of care and this depends on the need of the residents. Therefore this type of care can vary from round-the-clock care to daily drop-ins for help with some tasks. In foster care setups, residents will usually have their quarters with easy access to assistance when they need it.  The availability of staff is the biggest difference between assisted living facilities and adult foster care. Staff will be available and awake round the clock in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Adult foster care homes will also have staff available but they might not be necessarily awake round the clock. This is because the needs […]

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