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Some Startling Facts About Alzheimer’s Disease 

It might seem impersonal to talk about Alzheimer’s disease purely based on statistics and facts. After all, Alzheimer’s affects many seniors and their families, and boiling it down to some numbers is like neglecting the struggle endured by these families daily. However, the statistics cannot be ignored and it shows that the disease affects millions of people across the world. This includes patients, their families, and caregivers.    The big numbers combined with the struggles of those affected should be considered while deciding on what should be done to decrease the impact in the coming years. Some of the startling facts about Alzheimer’s disease as shared by the Alzheimer’s foundation are given below to help you make a perspective about the severity of the condition and the importance of memory care.    Alzheimer’s Facts    It Is The Sixth Leading Cause Of Death In The United States As per the experts in senior living, Alzheimer’s is not just a type of dementia, but it is a killer. The statistics show that more Americans die of Alzheimer’s than influenza, diabetes, pneumonia, and suicide. This statistic may be probably worse, as many seniors in the country die of Alzheimer’s-related causes like stroke or heart attack, which shows up in another death category.    Alzheimer’s Death Has Increased Since 2000 As more and more people now enter their senior years generally healthily; life expectancy has increased and this has contributed to the statistics. Also, Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases are diagnosed and treated […]

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