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Things That Can Affect The Driving Of Your Senior Loved One 

Are you worried about the driving of your senior loved one? Have your friends or family expressed concerns about his/her driving? Changes in health and age-related problems can affect the driving skills of your senior loved one. Do not risk hurting your senior loved one or others. As per the opinion of the experts in our senior living and assisted living facility, you need to talk to the doctor of your senior loved one about the concerns that you have about the health and driving skills of your senior loved one. A few things that can affect the driving capability of your senior loved one are discussed below for your knowledge.  Stiff Muscles And Joints  With age, the joints and muscles of your senior loved one can get stiff and weak. Arthritis is a common problem among seniors and can affect their ability to drive. With age, it can be difficult for seniors to turn their heads to look back, brake safely, or turn the steering wheel quickly. Make sure that your senior loved one sees his or her doctor if arthritis, pain, or stiffness is getting in the way of his or her driving. Also, you can make them drive a vehicle with automatic transmission, large mirrors, and power brakes.  Trouble Hearing  With age, the hearing abilities of seniors can change, making it difficult for them to notice horns or even noises from their own vehicles. Hearing loss can affect the driving capability of seniors as these sounds can […]

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