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Senior couple enjoying coffee

How Can Coffee Be A Healthy Alternative For Seniors? 

 How many of you think that healthy aging means giving up your morning cup of coffee? If you counted yourself in, you need to think again. As per many senior care experts, a morning cup of coffee can help prevent many diseases like heart health issues and dementia.    Caffeine And Heart Health  Many studies and research suggest that coffee can help improve your heart health. However, the mechanism of action of coffee was not clear until recently. A study on mice offers clarity in this respect. In this study, researchers looked at heart attacks in mice and the way caffeine changed the working of the cardiovascular system. The team of researchers discovered that caffeine promoted the movement of a protein called p27 into the heart cells. This protein helped the endothelial cells of the heart to move.    The study also revealed that p27 protein stimulated by caffeine prevented the death of heart cells during a heart attack. In addition, the protein encourages the differentiation of cells with contractile fiber that is very important for heart health and function. With age, our blood vessels can harden, increasing the danger of stroke or a heart attack. By supporting the healthy movement of the endothelial cells, coffee can also slow the effects of age on the cardiovascular system.    Additional Health Benefits Of Coffee  Caffeine present in coffee is an antioxidant, meaning that it can fight oxidative damage due to aging. Some of the other benefits of including coffee in your […]

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Ensuring Good Nutrition For Seniors In Winter 

Whether you have been waiting for the summer months to end or are dreading the end of planting season, the winter cold is unavoidable. Getting flu shots, washing hands and plenty of holiday cheer can help you stay happy and healthy in the winter season. Ensuring proper nutrition is important for all of us, especially seniors. Therefore, fill up your body with nutritious food this winter to stay healthy. The winter nutrition tips for seniors shared below will help elderly adults enjoy the holidays, and avoid trips to doctor offices.    What To Eat To Ensure Health?  As per the experts in senior care and senior living, some nutritional requirements remain the same all year round. You need to have a lot of fiber and protein to remain healthy. Food items like nuts, lentils, fish, and eggs are very good sources of protein that can ensure muscle and brain health. To ensure proper fiber intake, you can comprehend vegetables and fruits in your diet. The strategies that are shared below can help you target some of the common winter health issues.   Increase Intake Of Vitamin D: We all know that sunlight is a very good source of vitamin D, meaning that you can be deficient in the vitamin during the winter months. This vitamin plays an important role in calcium metabolism in our body and the deficiency of the same can lead to decreased bone density and fractures. To ensure proper vitamin D intake, you can include dairy products in […]

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