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A Few Stimulating Activities For The Elderly

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Have you recently started to feel that the senior in your life has slumped into a daily rut? It is a common thing for elders to develop a routine that can dull their spirits and negatively impact their mental and physical wellbeing. However, you need not worry, as many stimulating activities can help improve the quality of life of your senior loved one. Many ideas can improve the physical abilities and mental capabilities of seniors. Engaging in stimulating activities can benefit seniors in many ways like:

  • Minimizing depression and agitation
  • Maintaining motor skills
  • Get a feeling of accomplishment

A few stimulating activities for seniors are discussed below. These activities can help seniors become more engaged in their lives.


For seniors who enjoy the outdoors, gardening can be a great option. Even if they do not have the agility and strength to perform advanced gardening activities, they can always do the basic gardening tasks like seed placement, watering, raking, etc. Gardening is an activity that can arouse the senses and can give seniors a chance to get vitamin D. For seniors who are more physically able, there are tasks like weeding, digging, and potting. Many assisted living communities and senior homes encourage their residents to take part in gardening.

Exercises And Walking 

Walking is a physical activity that can help seniors ensure a flow of endorphins. Seniors can walk around the community or many also join swimming programs or exercise groups. Organized exercise sessions like aerobics and yoga are also great for strength building. If it is difficult for the person to leave their residence, setting up a computer or television for them to view exercise videos and practice can also be a good idea.


Crafting can be a great option to let the artistic spirit of seniors flow. You can make your senior loved one paint, sketch, and draw, knit some patterns, make pottery and jewelry, or take part in any type of crafting activity that can help them express their artistic side. Many seniors appreciate the freedom and time to tap into creativity and it can also be an awesome way to connect with others.

Baking And Cooking 

Your senior might be a foodie at heart. You can involve them in meal planning, cooking, serving, etc. Cooking can involve simple recipes like pancakes or more complex recipes that need great skill in the kitchen. Baking and cooking can be a stimulating and fun activity not only for seniors but people of any age and the best part with these activities is that they have delicious outcomes.

Reading And Writing 

If your senior loved one enjoys reading, you can make these options available to them. You can offer them magazines, books, and other reading materials as per their taste and interest. Reading is an activity that can be done individually or in a group. Many assisted living and senior care facilities have book clubs and such settings to encourage reading among the residents.

Some seniors may like to make their own stories and in such cases, you can encourage them to write something of their own. It can be short stories, articles, poetry, family history, fiction, autobiography- the list is unending. Writing can help keep the mind sharp and also offer a deepened sense of purpose to seniors.

Listening To Music 

Even adults with cognitive issues can benefit from music-centered activities. Many studies and research shows positive impacts from music therapy and other such music stimulation. A few types of music can increase feelings of happiness and trigger fond memories. Some seniors may also like to play an instrument which can also help stimulate their brain and body.

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