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Different Types of Rooms in Assisted Living Facilities

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Assisted living is one of the most popular senior care options these days. However, not many people know that there are many types of rooms in assisted living facilities, which can cater to the specific needs of residents. Below is a quick look at the different types of rooms commonly found in an assisted living community.

Private Apartments

Most of the seniors moving to assisted living facilities prefer living in their own unit while having access to specialized care and assistance round-the-clock. A private apartment in an assisted living community will have a living quarter and a private bathroom, while some also have a small cooking area. The layout and design may differ from community to community, and it can be furnished or unfurnished. In any case, private apartments allow seniors to live as independently as possible with the needed assistance for bathing, meals, medication, etc.


Many assisted living communities offer high-end options to their residents these days. These units feel more like a luxury condominium than a private apartment, which helps to make the move easy and comfortable for some seniors. The condo-like setting allows seniors to get better privacy for receiving the necessary care services, which can be scheduled per the preferences of the resident. A condo-style room in an assisted living facility will be larger than an apartment and will include fancier fixtures and furnishings. While these are more expensive, condominiums offer the highest level of independence and privacy.

Private Rooms

Some assisted living facilities offer private rooms instead of a full apartment. Such options include a private bedroom, but may or may not have a private room. There will be a sitting room or kitchen space, but it will usually be a shared living area in the community. Most seniors who prefer more privacy but cannot afford a full apartment choose private rooms in assisted living facilities. Yet again, note that the cost of the senior care living will depend upon many factors, such as the location, services included, amenities, etc., and not just the type of room.

Shared Rooms

Assisted living communities encourage their residents to socialize and make new friends. This helps to keep them engaged and mentally active. At the same time, assisted living facilities organize many recreational activities too to help seniors maintain their physical and mental well-being. Living in a dorm-style setup or a shared room can further help seniors to enjoy companionship and make the most of their time in the assisted living community. Shared rooms will usually accommodate two or more seniors in a single bedroom arrangement. This is also the most affordable option in assisted living.

High-Tech Rooms

As we have transitioned into a digital age where everything is connected via the internet, assisted living communities have also adopted technological advancements to make the living space safer and more efficient for their residents. High-tech rooms in an assisted living facility will have sensors to help caregivers monitor the health status and needs of seniors in real-time. Such rooms will also have safety devices to make it easier for the residents to move around. Likewise, there will be voice-activated devices to help seniors with their daily activities.

Memory Care Rooms

Memory care is opted for seniors who have troubles in managing their personal day-to-day needs due to health issues like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Memory care rooms in assisted living facilities are more geared to offer the level of care needed to such seniors. The space will have fewer fixtures and furnishings, and instead, will include safety installations to help the resident move across the room easily. It may be a private room or a shared room, which can be chosen as per the health and care needs of the senior.

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