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Here Is How Yoga Is Beneficial For Seniors 

Seniors these days understand that growing older does not have to mean moving slower or growing sicker. Many seniors choose to remain active throughout retirement and assisted living and other senior rehab facilities help them with this. While some seniors are lifting weights or running marathons, many choose to go with the ancient practice of yoga. As per the experts in senior living, yoga can be beneficial for people of all ages, including seniors. Shared below are some of the important benefits of yoga for seniors.    Improved Flexibility  Yoga can help improve the flexibility of the practitioner. With the increase in flexibility, the rate of injury from falls can be minimized. In addition, seniors practicing yoga can recover quickly from pain and other injuries.    More Balance  With age, our balance can suffer. When seniors take part in yoga sessions, they are actively working on their body balance. Many yoga poses like the tree pose can help the practitioner improve his/her balance. With an improvement in balance, the chances of injury from falls are reduced.    Improved Body Awareness  In yoga sessions, practitioners are made to pay attention to specific areas and parts of their bodies. This can improve body awareness which can translate to reduced falls and increased awareness when they are ill or fatigued.    Enhanced Brain Activity  Experts claim that taking a yoga class offers much more than just physical benefits. The majority of the yoga poses entail outstretching an arm over the body of the […]

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Things Seniors Can Do To Ease Their Minds

Life can be filled with many problems like diseases, arguments, and fights with loved ones, global pandemics, and uncertainty, etc. These problematic moments can provide you with chances to gain wisdom, grow strong relations with loved ones and pause to reflect on the positive things happening in your life. Indeed, turbulence and storms always end, but when you are in the middle of the storm, it is quite natural for you to feel overwhelmed. The tips shared by experts in assisted living and other senior living facilities can help ease your mind in turbulent times.    Find A Distraction  You may have to find a distraction when life is challenging and the distraction need not be educational or meaningful. It is perfectly normal to pick a romantic novel to read or to watch television for a whole afternoon and do nothing else. You may also try video games to keep yourself distracted. Make sure to find out some activities that you like and can help you vent out your stress.    Put An Information Filter  It is quite natural for people to feel anxious about the changes in the world and these changes can be natural disasters, pandemics, political shifts, etc. The stream of bad news and fear can negatively affect your mental health and stability, over time. If you are doing everything you can to stay safe, you need not keep track of everything happening in the world, especially the depressing headlines. You can put yourself on an information […]

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How to Stay Active During the Winter

The cold climate during the winter can make it difficult for seniors to spend time outdoors. As that can lead to isolation and boredom, it is important for seniors to stay active and keep the body and mind refreshed. Besides, following a regular exercise schedule is vital to maintain the overall quality of health in seniors. Assisted living facilities services should be able to keep seniors active and entertained while maintaining a balanced exercise routine for aging bodies. The National Institute of Aging recommends seniors to include at least half-an-hour of physical activity in their daily routine. It does not have to be a strenuous workout session; a simple stretching exercise can also help. So if winter is making you stay indoors, make sure to follow the below simple activities to stay fit and active.  Dancing This is one of the simplest exercise routines to follow. Dancing is known to improve flexibility, boost energy levels, stimulate mood, and enhance sleep quality. In short, dancing can help to keep your body as well as brain hale and hearty. You just need to find a good spot to dance and some good music to move your body. Dancing can also give you a sense of achievement while improving posture and boosting bone strength. You can go for any form of dancing, and even try it with a partner. Start with slow movements and never push to a point where you feel any kind of pain. Remember to warm up and stretch before […]

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