How to Stay Active During the Winter

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The cold climate during the winter can make it difficult for seniors to spend time outdoors. As that can lead to isolation and boredom, it is important for seniors to stay active and keep the body and mind refreshed. Besides, following a regular exercise schedule is vital to maintain the overall quality of health in seniors. Assisted living facilities services should be able to keep seniors active and entertained while maintaining a balanced exercise routine for aging bodies.

The National Institute of Aging recommends seniors to include at least half-an-hour of physical activity in their daily routine. It does not have to be a strenuous workout session; a simple stretching exercise can also help. So if winter is making you stay indoors, make sure to follow the below simple activities to stay fit and active. 


This is one of the simplest exercise routines to follow. Dancing is known to improve flexibility, boost energy levels, stimulate mood, and enhance sleep quality. In short, dancing can help to keep your body as well as brain hale and hearty. You just need to find a good spot to dance and some good music to move your body.

Dancing can also give you a sense of achievement while improving posture and boosting bone strength. You can go for any form of dancing, and even try it with a partner. Start with slow movements and never push to a point where you feel any kind of pain. Remember to warm up and stretch before you begin as well.

Gym Exercises

Consult with your doctor to understand which gym exercises you can do. As winter will be keeping you from going for a jog, you can use the gym treadmill for that. Apart from that, try simple gym exercises, such as squats, knee lifts, side leg lifts, step-ups, and ball taps. These can help to keep your body stronger and healthier.

If you are weight training, start with small weights and make sure that it does not cause any pain or discomfort. When you are at the gym, never push yourself in an attempt to impress others. Work at your own pace to benefit from the workouts effectively.


Yoga can be the best indoor exercise for seniors. As yoga focuses on breathing and relaxation while holding your body in different positions, it’s a great exercise to stretch your muscles, enhance flexibility, build stronger bones, and improve balance and strength. Yoga is also known to reduce high blood pressure, lower anxiety, and help to maintain healthy body weight.

When you are doing yoga, pay attention to your body movements and only try the positions that are easy to maneuver. If possible, hire a yoga instructor and learn the various poses that will benefit you as per your physical needs. You can also ask the instructor to modify the yoga pose if it is uncomfortable for you to perform.


Swimming can be enjoyed in any season. Taking a dip into a jacuzzi will ease your joints and relax your muscles in winter. Besides, swimming is also a great exercise to improve balance, bone and muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance. Reports even say that seniors who swim regularly are around 35% less likely to fall than those who do not swim.

It is important to start slowly when you take a swim. If you’re not very confident, ask someone to accompany you in the water. There are many pools which offer senior swimming training lessons, so consulting them may also help. If you do not want to swim at all, just move gently in the warm water to relax and ease the stress of cold weather on your body.


It may not be possible to take a stroll to a park or walk around the neighborhood in winter, but you can still find places to benefit from the simple physical activity. You can walk indoors at community centers, malls, a local university, or an indoor track. No matter which place you choose, walking regularly will greatly benefit your body and make you healthier and strong.

Make sure to avoid crowded places when walking. It will also be better to stay away from spots that have fast-moving pedestrians. When you have located a safe place to walk, wear good shoes and start the stroll casually. Stay in well-lit places and let your family know that you are going there. Have someone come with you if you are going to a distant place. Always be sure to carry enough water to stay hydrated when you are exercising.

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