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A senior using telemedicine.

What Are The Benefits Of Telehealth For Seniors? 

It is important to visit a doctor for an annual check-up or regarding a chronic health condition to ensure good health and this is especially important in the case of seniors. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made a trip to a medical office dangerous. Luckily, adults in the country have the option to get the medical attention they need without taking any risks from leaving senior care facilities, assisted living homes, or their own homes, thanks to telemedicine and telehealth services.   Understanding Telehealth  Even though the coronavirus pandemic has made telehealth services much popular, the option has been available for many years. Technically, telehealth is improving healthcare services and support via telecommunications and technology solutions. Most of us think of telehealth as virtual doctor appointments taking place with the help of video calls. It is true that this a telehealth solution, but it is not the only solution offered by telemedicine services. Telehealth services offer online health education, remote monitoring of patients, online storage of medical imaging and charts, etc.   Telehealth Services And Seniors  Any aged person can benefit from telehealth services and seniors can especially benefit from these services. The main problem is to get older adults comfortable with telehealth services to consider its options. As per the results of a recent survey, only one percent of older adults ever had an online doctor’s visit in their life, but more than half of the older adult population were willing to try telehealth services. A good way to […]

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A doctor discusses medication management with a senior in a NY assisted living home.

How Assisted Living Homes Prevent Medication Mistakes by Seniors

Following a proper medication schedule is vital for maintaining health in seniors, but it can be challenging for them at times. This is especially the case for those who have to take multiple types of medicine every day. It is reported that more than 770,000 seniors end up in a hospital emergency room because of medication mistakes. That is why assisted living homes pay special attention to medication management and ensure the right administration of prescription drugs for their elderly residents. Common Instances of Medication Mistakes by Seniors and How Assisted Living Helps to Avoid Them Most of the prescription medications for seniors are time-sensitive, such as those prescribed for diabetes and heart disease. If a senior patient misses a dose or takes too many doses at once, then the results can be very dangerous. Caregivers at assisted living facilities maintain an adequate medication schedule for each of their senior residents with the names of the prescription drugs, right dosages, and administration time. This way, they can help seniors to take the medicines adhering to the right dosage and intervals. Many seniors with chronic health conditions also have swallowing problems, which makes it difficult for them to take their medication as per the recommended schedule and dosage. This can be a serious concern for elderly individuals living alone as it increases the risks of choking and other issues. When in an assisted living setting, seniors are guided by professional caregivers to take their recommended doses without experiencing any complications. Caregivers […]

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A senior learning about preventing the flu.

How to Prevent the Flu in Seniors in Assisted Living Homes

As we transition into the winter season, the change in climate and dropping temperature also brings along the risks of cold and flu in seniors. While younger people can manage the flu and recover in a couple of days, the influenza virus infection can be very serious in older adults. Seniors generally have a weak immune system, which can make them prone to developing other complications like pneumonia when they have the flu. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even says that around 80% of seasonal flu-related deaths in the country every year are reported among seniors who are over the age of 65. This is why caregivers at assisted living homes take proactive measures to prevent cold and flu in their residents. How to Prevent the Flu in Older Adults Since the influenza virus can be life-threatening for your senior loved ones, it is important to be prepared and take the right steps to help them stay healthy and protected when the weather changes. The best way to do that is to take your elderly parent or grandparent to get a flu shot. A yearly flu vaccine can help to keep them protected against influenza, which is why caregivers at assisted living homes insist on following the vaccination routine. The flu vaccine is adjusted every year to protect seniors against the current flu strains, and experts recommend older adults as well as their caregivers to get the flu shot every year. The CDC says that flu vaccination […]

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