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What Are The Benefits Of Telehealth For Seniors? 

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It is important to visit a doctor for an annual check-up or regarding a chronic health condition to ensure good health and this is especially important in the case of seniors. However, the coronavirus pandemic has made a trip to a medical office dangerous. Luckily, adults in the country have the option to get the medical attention they need without taking any risks from leaving senior care facilities, assisted living homes, or their own homes, thanks to telemedicine and telehealth services.


Understanding Telehealth 

Even though the coronavirus pandemic has made telehealth services much popular, the option has been available for many years. Technically, telehealth is improving healthcare services and support via telecommunications and technology solutions. Most of us think of telehealth as virtual doctor appointments taking place with the help of video calls. It is true that this a telehealth solution, but it is not the only solution offered by telemedicine services. Telehealth services offer online health education, remote monitoring of patients, online storage of medical imaging and charts, etc.


Telehealth Services And Seniors 

Any aged person can benefit from telehealth services and seniors can especially benefit from these services. The main problem is to get older adults comfortable with telehealth services to consider its options. As per the results of a recent survey, only one percent of older adults ever had an online doctor’s visit in their life, but more than half of the older adult population were willing to try telehealth services. A good way to boost confidence in seniors who are willing to try telehealth services is to note the opportunities and benefits of these services. Some of these benefits are shared below.


Easier Management Of Chronic Health Conditions 

With the help of telehealth services, prescription refills and management of chronic health conditions for seniors can be done more efficiently and easily. For instance, a senior suffering from arthritis without any new symptoms or challenges can have a telehealth appointment to renew arthritis medications for the next few months.


Reduced Hassle Of Transportation 

Not all seniors drive and this means that family members will have to coordinate transportation for the senior to and from a doctor’s office, and also any follow-up locations like a laboratory or pharmacy. This can prove confusing and frustrating to the family member and the senior person and might not always be an efficient way.


Decreased Exposure To Germs 

Even though staff at doctor’s offices are careful and clean the facilities daily, there is a risk of exposure to germs in doctor’s offices and surroundings. This can be especially risky for older adults with compromised immune systems and seniors can avoid extra risky situations by preferring telehealth services in place of visiting doctor’s offices.


Lesser Crisis Situations 

Many older adults have reported delaying getting care for a medical problem as they thought that it took much time to make a general appointment with the medical care provider of their choice. With telehealth services in place, seniors can have the chance to keep up with regular appointments and also make new appointments with the change of a health condition. This can help cut down emergency room visits and avoid crises, which can be ideal for all people involved in the care of the senior person.


Ensuring Medical Care From Anywhere 

Seniors who are on the go can postpone or miss medical appointments due to travel. Telehealth services can be beneficial to these people as they can continue with their scheduled appointments from anywhere in the world.


Senior care facilities and assisted living homes not only offer the Wi-Fi connection required to make telehealth services, but also the help of trained staff to ensure that the visit goes smoothly.

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