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A Few Misconceptions About Dementia 

As per the latest estimates, there are more than fifty million people across the world suffering from dementia disorders. In addition, about ten million new cases of dementia are reported annually. If you or your senior loved one is suffering from dementia, you should empower yourself with knowledge about the disorder. This is because the correct information about dementia can help you to better advocate for your elderly loved one and effectively plan for the future. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about dementia disorders among people.  Some of the most common misconceptions about dementia disorders are shared below so that you can understand the truths about dementia.  Memory Loss is a Part of The Normal Aging Process  This is one of the most common misconceptions that can result in the misdiagnosis of dementia disorders. It can be common for people to forget things at times. You may have had issues in finding the right word while explaining something, or you may have walked into a room wondering why you did. These are common things and do not indicate dementia disorders. But, when loss of memory starts to affect life, it is not normal. Getting lost, making poor decisions, feeling confused, etc can indicate the onset of dementia disorders and should be checked out by a physician.  Dementia and Alzheimer’s Are the Same  This is a very common misconception about dementia disorders. Many people believe that both Alzheimer’s and dementia are the same. But in reality, dementia is a general term […]

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