A Few Misconceptions About Dementia 

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As per the latest estimates, there are more than fifty million people across the world suffering from dementia disorders. In addition, about ten million new cases of dementia are reported annually. If you or your senior loved one is suffering from dementia, you should empower yourself with knowledge about the disorder. This is because the correct information about dementia can help you to better advocate for your elderly loved one and effectively plan for the future. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about dementia disorders among people. 

Some of the most common misconceptions about dementia disorders are shared below so that you can understand the truths about dementia. 

Memory Loss is a Part of The Normal Aging Process 

This is one of the most common misconceptions that can result in the misdiagnosis of dementia disorders. It can be common for people to forget things at times. You may have had issues in finding the right word while explaining something, or you may have walked into a room wondering why you did. These are common things and do not indicate dementia disorders. But, when loss of memory starts to affect life, it is not normal. Getting lost, making poor decisions, feeling confused, etc can indicate the onset of dementia disorders and should be checked out by a physician. 

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Are the Same 

This is a very common misconception about dementia disorders. Many people believe that both Alzheimer’s and dementia are the same. But in reality, dementia is a general term that includes many diagnoses, Alzheimer’s being one among them. Even though Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia disorder, there are also other types of dementia disorders with their specific characteristics. In the opinion of senior care experts, if your senior loved one suffers from dementia, you need to understand the type that they are suffering from. This will let you better educate yourself about the symptoms, and challenges of the type of dementia. 

You Don’t Have Dementia if You Don’t Get Lost 

Even though getting lost in the neighborhood is a classic sign of dementia, it is not the only sign that you should look for. As per senior care experts, early dementia symptoms can include: 

  • Inability to plan and prepare meals 
  • Inability to manage medications 
  • Inability to follow a day planner 

In the opinion of caregivers in our assisted living facility, many people who are living through the early stages of dementia disorders understand that they are having issues remembering things and it makes them feel overwhelmed, embarrassed and afraid. This is why many people try hard to maintain their normal life and hide their memory issues from others. Experts call this masking and can be quite stressful for the person. In the case of many seniors suffering from dementia disorders, early detection and diagnosis can provide relief to the person and their family members. 

Dementia Sufferers Should Live in a Skilled Nursing Facility 

Dementia sufferers have many options to consider to ensure a safe living environment. In the early stages of the disorder, people can live at home safely, provided the right support is offered. But dementia disorders are progressive and living at home can become challenging with time. People suffering from dementia can also live at home with help from an in-home caregiver. 

A senior assisted living facility or a memory care facility can be the best solution for dementia sufferers. Even though assisted living and nursing facilities can accommodate elderly adults suffering from cognitive loss, memory care facilities can be the ideal option for them.  These facilities will have staff trained in handling people with dementia and an environment that is designed to ensure socialization, wellness, and comfort.

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