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Tips To Improve Life Of Seniors At Risk Of Depression 

Elderly adults can show signs of depression and the symptoms can increase with the age of the person due to an increase in chronic medical conditions and a decrease in physical functions. Many people think that depression is a normal part of aging, but it is not. As per the reports of the CDC, most elderly adults who are depressed are under-treated, meaning that there are many seniors out there who are experiencing feelings of sadness, sleep issues, and many other problems arising from depression.  For senior caregivers, it is vital to approach both diagnosed and undiagnosed depression from different angles. Apart from the clinical side of depression treatment, healthy socialization and life improvement opportunities should be provided to seniors. Our experts in seniors assisted living and senior care shares some ways to improve the life of seniors at risk of depression via life enrichment activities.  Concentrate On The Physical  Endorphins are feel-good hormones that are released in our brains when we exercise. As per the experts in senior care, moving around, like walking, lifting small weights, jogging, stretching, etc can make seniors feel better. For a depressed person, it can be very difficult to get up and perform physical activities. Therefore, it is vital to offer kind encouragement to the person to get up and move.  Select Different Activity Times  The best time to perform physical activities can differ from person to person. Some of us may feel energized in the morning while others may enjoy taking part in […]

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Caring For Your Loved One With End-Stage COPD 

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, in short COPD, is a progressive condition for which the scientific world has not come up with a cure yet. It is a condition in which the lungs of the sufferer will be inflamed in a way that can cause obstruction to the airway with mucus production and swelling. Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are two conditions that can lead to COPD. Bronchitis is characterized by frequent coughing and shortness of breath is the most common symptom of emphysema.  COPD In Seniors  As per many studies conducted in senior assisted living and other senior care facilities, many seniors in the country suffer from COPD. The condition has four stages of progression and the last stage is called advanced COPD or end-stage COPD. If you are caring for a senior loved one with COPD at home, the support you offer, together with medical treatment can help slow down the progression of the condition.  COPD – Stages Of Progression The different stages of COPD are based on the ability of the sufferer to breathe with chronic bronchitis and emphysema. A Forced Expiratory Volume test is the main lung function test that is used to assess the disease progression of a patient. The test makes use of equipment to measure the amount of air that the person can release forcefully from his/her lungs in a second. For instance, an FEV1 reading of 36 shows that a patient expelled 36% of the expected volume. These classifications allow a physician to understand […]

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Take Note Of These Tips While Planning A Vacation With Your Favorite Senior

Indeed, people of all ages can be consumed by wanderlust. No one can dispute the sense of relaxation offered by a trip. Science has also backed up the happy feelings offered by a vacation, no matter if your trip is to a nearby town or across the ocean to another country. A study that was published by the American psychological association noted that trips can help combat negative emotions and stress by taking us away from our stressful lives. However, the benefits of travel and vacation go much beyond stress relief.   Vacations are important and seniors can benefit from traveling. If you are planning to travel with your senior loved one, you will have to plan appropriately to ensure that your trip is safe and enjoyable. As a senior assisted living and senior care facility, we share some tips to help you plan your trip with your senior loved one.   Consult The Physician  Before traveling with your senior loved one, you need to consult a geriatrician. Make sure to book an appointment with the doctor of your senior loved one or call the doctor’s office to ask about the possible negative consequences of traveling. Most doctors will be happy to offer advice and any potential contraindications of travel. Once you have received a green flag from the doctor, you can commence the process of planning the vacation.    Do Not Forget Medications  Ensure that you have all the prescriptions ordered and ready for the travel. A call or […]

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Senior couple enjoying coffee

How Can Coffee Be A Healthy Alternative For Seniors? 

 How many of you think that healthy aging means giving up your morning cup of coffee? If you counted yourself in, you need to think again. As per many senior care experts, a morning cup of coffee can help prevent many diseases like heart health issues and dementia.    Caffeine And Heart Health  Many studies and research suggest that coffee can help improve your heart health. However, the mechanism of action of coffee was not clear until recently. A study on mice offers clarity in this respect. In this study, researchers looked at heart attacks in mice and the way caffeine changed the working of the cardiovascular system. The team of researchers discovered that caffeine promoted the movement of a protein called p27 into the heart cells. This protein helped the endothelial cells of the heart to move.    The study also revealed that p27 protein stimulated by caffeine prevented the death of heart cells during a heart attack. In addition, the protein encourages the differentiation of cells with contractile fiber that is very important for heart health and function. With age, our blood vessels can harden, increasing the danger of stroke or a heart attack. By supporting the healthy movement of the endothelial cells, coffee can also slow the effects of age on the cardiovascular system.    Additional Health Benefits Of Coffee  Caffeine present in coffee is an antioxidant, meaning that it can fight oxidative damage due to aging. Some of the other benefits of including coffee in your […]

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Some Startling Facts About Alzheimer’s Disease 

It might seem impersonal to talk about Alzheimer’s disease purely based on statistics and facts. After all, Alzheimer’s affects many seniors and their families, and boiling it down to some numbers is like neglecting the struggle endured by these families daily. However, the statistics cannot be ignored and it shows that the disease affects millions of people across the world. This includes patients, their families, and caregivers.    The big numbers combined with the struggles of those affected should be considered while deciding on what should be done to decrease the impact in the coming years. Some of the startling facts about Alzheimer’s disease as shared by the Alzheimer’s foundation are given below to help you make a perspective about the severity of the condition and the importance of memory care.    Alzheimer’s Facts    It Is The Sixth Leading Cause Of Death In The United States As per the experts in senior living, Alzheimer’s is not just a type of dementia, but it is a killer. The statistics show that more Americans die of Alzheimer’s than influenza, diabetes, pneumonia, and suicide. This statistic may be probably worse, as many seniors in the country die of Alzheimer’s-related causes like stroke or heart attack, which shows up in another death category.    Alzheimer’s Death Has Increased Since 2000 As more and more people now enter their senior years generally healthily; life expectancy has increased and this has contributed to the statistics. Also, Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases are diagnosed and treated […]

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Ensuring Good Nutrition For Seniors In Winter 

Whether you have been waiting for the summer months to end or are dreading the end of planting season, the winter cold is unavoidable. Getting flu shots, washing hands and plenty of holiday cheer can help you stay happy and healthy in the winter season. Ensuring proper nutrition is important for all of us, especially seniors. Therefore, fill up your body with nutritious food this winter to stay healthy. The winter nutrition tips for seniors shared below will help elderly adults enjoy the holidays, and avoid trips to doctor offices.    What To Eat To Ensure Health?  As per the experts in senior care and senior living, some nutritional requirements remain the same all year round. You need to have a lot of fiber and protein to remain healthy. Food items like nuts, lentils, fish, and eggs are very good sources of protein that can ensure muscle and brain health. To ensure proper fiber intake, you can comprehend vegetables and fruits in your diet. The strategies that are shared below can help you target some of the common winter health issues.   Increase Intake Of Vitamin D: We all know that sunlight is a very good source of vitamin D, meaning that you can be deficient in the vitamin during the winter months. This vitamin plays an important role in calcium metabolism in our body and the deficiency of the same can lead to decreased bone density and fractures. To ensure proper vitamin D intake, you can include dairy products in […]

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How To Choose A Senior Care Doctor? 

As per the experts in senior care, it would be wise to select a doctor with a senior specialty as you start to age past fifty. Geriatricians are doctors who specialize in senior care and related issues, and they play an important role in ensuring healthy aging. These professionals see only seniors and have a very good knowledge of the aging process and the health conditions that can arise with age. Geriatricians will be aware of preventative care screenings for seniors and will be able to easily recognize medication complications and other such issues.   Choosing a senior care doctor to guide you through your senior life can be a great decision and the choice should be made carefully. Nevertheless, how will you be able to choose the senior care doctor that is right for you? The recommendations from our experts in senior living can come in handy. Read along to know.   Search In Your Network  You can start with your health insurance to find if the senior care doctors that are considering are covered in your network. Never start looking at senior care doctors until you ensure that they are in your network. This applies to both Medicare and private insurance users. After finding out the geriatricians in your network, you can begin shrinking the list.   Search In Your Neighborhood  Try to find a geriatrician who is near to your home. You might not be seeing your geriatrician weekly, but you will need to visit the office […]

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Helping Your Senior Parents Leave A Legacy 

Leaving behind a legacy is important to all of us as it is one of the best ways to ensure that some part of us will live on after our death. A legacy is a very good way to extend to the future and to add happiness to the lives of your loved ones even long after your death. Your elderly parents deserve to feel important and respected. Do not forget the lives that your parents’ lives have changed, and the memories that they have formed in their lifetime. That legacy should never go forgotten.  Oftentimes, many people mistakenly believe that a legacy is about the money that they leave behind or the success that they had in their careers. However, there are numerous ways to sculpt a legacy. Experts in senior care and assisted living homes share a few ways in which you can help your senior loved ones define their legacy.  Help The Senior Loved One Update A Will  Updating a will may not sound interesting, however, it is the best way to ensure that the hard word of your senior loved one extends to the next generation. Your elderly parent or senior loved one will be able to set up a trust to pay for the college education of grandchildren, donate their possessions to charity, leave back valuable heirlooms to loved ones, etc. If your senior loved one has any assets, make sure to schedule an appointment with a lawyer to make a will that preserves the […]

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Caring for Senior with Cerebral Palsy | The Falls Home

Coping Strategies For Caregivers Assisting Loved Ones With Cerebral Palsy 

Children and adults with cerebral palsy can have varying levels of disabilities and limitations and some people need a lot of care and will not be able to live independently. Caring for loved ones with cerebral palsy can be rewarding, but can be difficult. Caregivers will also need help and if you are a caregiver, you need to understand how to cope when the job gets tough.    Caregivers have a significant part to play in the life of people suffering from cerebral palsy. As cerebral palsy is a condition that affects muscles and mobility, people with moderate to severe disabilities rely much on their primary caregivers to complete daily activities. They will need the help of caregivers to get dressed, eat, bathe and do other daily activities. Some people will need help a few hours a day and some others will need care throughout the day.    Coping As A Cerebral Palsy Caregiver  Caregiving is an important job and caregivers can be vulnerable to stress, burnout, fatigue, and even depression. Taking care of a loved one suffering from cerebral palsy can take a toll on the personal and professional life of the family of the caregiver. When taking care of a loved one with cerebral palsy, you may experience strain and fatigue. However, there are strategies that you can use to ensure that you are happy and healthy while still offering excellent care to your senior loved one. The coping strategies shared by experts in senior living and senior […]

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Family discussing senior care, tips for disputes, assisted living options

Tips To Settle Disputes About Senior Care

Aging can have its own physical and mental health issues. In addition, it can also come with crisis, stress, and emotional decisions that can result in disagreements between adult children, parents, siblings, and other family members. If you find yourself in the middle of a debate about senior care options and problems, it can result in stressful family gatherings and may lead to family rifts if not handled properly. The tips shared by experts in senior assisted living can be helpful to calm the storm of senior care disputes between members of a family.   Relax And Inhale Deeply Being scared and overwhelmed in a hospital emergency room with a failing parent may make anyone lash out at a sibling or any other family member. If you find that the situation is escalating, step out and take a deep breath. It will be helpful to remove yourself from the heated atmosphere as it can give you a fresh outlook and perspective. You may re-approach at another time when the situation is not much urgent.   Organize A Sit-Down  Having a family meeting can ensure that every member of the family gets a chance to express their opinions and listen to the opinion of others. You need to ensure that the atmosphere is non-confrontational and for that, you may head to a restaurant. You can also set strict time frames so that every family member leaves the meeting at the agreed-upon time.   Understand The Facts  In situations where members of […]

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