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Lady hugging her elderly mother.

Caregiving Basics For Family Caregivers

Statistics show that many US citizens coping with illnesses, disabilities, and chronic conditions depend on family members, neighbors, or friends to get by. Caregiving is an important part of our lives and a recent study reveals that an estimated thirty-four million people have served as unpaid caregivers in the last year. Among many other things, family caregivers should learn to manage medications, talk to healthcare providers on their behalf, help them bathe or get dressed and take care of household tasks, meal preparation, finances, and more. As a senior care facility, we share a guide to help you prepare for managing the daily activities of a senior who is unable to care for himself or herself. Professional Vs. Family Care When faced with the duty of caring for someone else, your initial thought can be, “I’ll handle it myself.” However, going the DIY route has a number of personal sacrifices and financial dangers, like missed payments if you completely leave the workforce as well as reduced pension and Social Security benefits. But, you might not be in a situation to opt for professional caregiving as it can be extremely expensive. Are You Prepared To Provide Care? Nobody will blame you if you’re not ready to be a caretaker since the majority of Americans aren’t. Many people are unpreparedly put into this duty, which leaves them feeling overwhelmed. It pays to consider your alternatives for providing care and make plans for possible scenarios. If you are thinking about working as a […]

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Helping Your Senior Parents Leave A Legacy 

Leaving behind a legacy is important to all of us as it is one of the best ways to ensure that some part of us will live on after our death. A legacy is a very good way to extend to the future and to add happiness to the lives of your loved ones even long after your death. Your elderly parents deserve to feel important and respected. Do not forget the lives that your parents’ lives have changed, and the memories that they have formed in their lifetime. That legacy should never go forgotten.  Oftentimes, many people mistakenly believe that a legacy is about the money that they leave behind or the success that they had in their careers. However, there are numerous ways to sculpt a legacy. Experts in senior care and assisted living homes share a few ways in which you can help your senior loved ones define their legacy.  Help The Senior Loved One Update A Will  Updating a will may not sound interesting, however, it is the best way to ensure that the hard word of your senior loved one extends to the next generation. Your elderly parent or senior loved one will be able to set up a trust to pay for the college education of grandchildren, donate their possessions to charity, leave back valuable heirlooms to loved ones, etc. If your senior loved one has any assets, make sure to schedule an appointment with a lawyer to make a will that preserves the […]

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