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Understanding The Warning Signs Of TIA And Taking The Necessary Actions

A transient ischemic attack (TIA) is a variant of stroke. Senior health experts say that TIA is sometimes referred to as mini-stroke as it can lead to stroke-like symptoms. Some transient ischemic attacks can last only a few minutes and some can last for a few hours. Usually, when a person experiences TIA, their stroke symptoms can go away after some time. Types Of Stroke Ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes are two different types of strokes. A hemorrhagic stroke is caused by the bursting of a weak blood vessel in the brain. On the other hand, clots of blood blocking the arteries supplying blood to the brain can lead to an ischemic stroke. TIAs are a type of ischemic stroke. As ischemic strokes and TIAs have similar causes, their symptoms can also be similar. The duration and damage caused are what make a transient ischemic attack different. A TIA can last for a few hours or for a few minutes and usually does not have any lasting effects on the person, whereas an ischemic stroke lasts longer and can lead to permanent damage to the brain of the sufferer. It is very important to understand and recognize the signs and symptoms of a TIA or a stroke on time and take necessary actions. As per senior living experts, a TIA is a serious medical event. If the stroke is a transient ischemic attack and resolves, your loved one may be at an increased risk of a more severe attack. Therefore, if […]

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Ways Of Being Protective About Senior Health

It is important to keep yourself healthy at any stage in life, including now, to aid in avoiding or reducing health concerns in the future. Here, Falls Home Assisted Living Facility will discuss some measures to take for good health and address possible health issues before those become problematic. Maintaining Or Adopting Healthy Exercise Habits And Diet These are obvious choices for any person seeking to remain healthy and are among the best possible ways of warding off prevalent health issues. Are you already exercising and eating the way you should? If so, you are a step ahead. Even if there are no good habits in your daily life, it is not too late for you to start. As per the CDC, healthy people aged 65 years and above should spend 150 minutes per week doing a moderately intense aerobic activity at the least, besides muscle-strengthening activity twice weekly. A diet good for health complements an exercise routine that is also healthy. Using the right servings of fruits, vegetables, protein food, dairy and grains will aid you in maximizing your efforts. You can make a meal plan that follows the dietary guidelines of the Department of Agriculture with a tool such as MyPlate. Get Frequent Wellness Checks Another way of staying up to date with any health concern or identifying health issues sooner is to visit your general doctor for frequent physicals or wellness examinations. As per a Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care study, primary care practitioners are […]

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