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Senior couple signing up for Medicare

When Is The Right Time To Move To Senior Living After Selling Your Home?  

Have you been watching the real estate market and wondering if it is time to sell your home and move to a senior living community? As per the experts, the real estate market in the country is booming due to demand from remote workers and low mortgage rates. Many remote workers are in search of more space or a new area to call home. If you are an elderly adult and have been wondering about the best time to sell your home and move to an assisted living community, the time could be now.   The Real Estate Market In The Country  The real estate trade in the country continually shifts from a consumer’s market to a vendor’s market. The market is now booming because of increased demand and low inventory. More and more people are now ready to move into a home that provides space for an office or growing family. People are even ready to make a bigger move to a new city or state as they have increased flexibility due to the pandemic.   Even though there are many buyers in the market, there are not many sellers to meet the increasing demand. Due to this, home showings can have a line of potential buyers and many sellers are bagging great deals to edge out the competition. The real estate market is a seller’s market now and if you have a home to sell, now is the time to list it.   The money that you get […]

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