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Understanding The Common Causes Of Balance Issues In Seniors 

With age, we can experience many challenges with common things like nutrition, memory, taste and even body balance. As per many senior care experts, balance issues are one of the most common reasons for seniors above the age of sixty-five to see their healthcare providers. Balance issues are very common in seniors and can be caused by a variety of things like age-related changes in the body, health issues, prescription medications, environmental changes, etc. Various coping mechanisms can help elderly adults manage balance issues and some of them are regular exercise, taking safety precautions, and vision correction.  It can be quite scary if you or your senior loved one is suffering from balancing problems. This is because the fear of falling can negatively impact the quality of life, and some seniors may even choose to stay more sedentary to avoid worrying about falling. But, a sedentary lifestyle can result in decreased strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. Luckily, there are many ways to help your senior loved one work on improving balance and as per the experienced caregivers in our senior assisted living facility, it is never too late to begin. Apart from working with your doctor and physical therapist, it can be beneficial to move to a more supportive environment like a senior assisted facility to combat your balance fears.  What Causes Balance Issues In Seniors?  The first step to improving the balance problem is to understand the cause of the problem. Older adults might experience balance issues due to […]

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Take Note Of These Tips While Planning A Vacation With Your Favorite Senior

Indeed, people of all ages can be consumed by wanderlust. No one can dispute the sense of relaxation offered by a trip. Science has also backed up the happy feelings offered by a vacation, no matter if your trip is to a nearby town or across the ocean to another country. A study that was published by the American psychological association noted that trips can help combat negative emotions and stress by taking us away from our stressful lives. However, the benefits of travel and vacation go much beyond stress relief.   Vacations are important and seniors can benefit from traveling. If you are planning to travel with your senior loved one, you will have to plan appropriately to ensure that your trip is safe and enjoyable. As a senior assisted living and senior care facility, we share some tips to help you plan your trip with your senior loved one.   Consult The Physician  Before traveling with your senior loved one, you need to consult a geriatrician. Make sure to book an appointment with the doctor of your senior loved one or call the doctor’s office to ask about the possible negative consequences of traveling. Most doctors will be happy to offer advice and any potential contraindications of travel. Once you have received a green flag from the doctor, you can commence the process of planning the vacation.    Do Not Forget Medications  Ensure that you have all the prescriptions ordered and ready for the travel. A call or […]

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