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Being Widowed Does Not Mean Spending Your Retirement Alone 

Becoming a widower or widow will not be a part of anyone’s retirement plan.  After all, spending time with your life partner is one of the biggest perks of retirement life. However, all of us might not be lucky enough to enjoy such a life. If you find yourself grieving your partner or spouse in your retirement life, you can find comfort in knowing that you need not live your retirement life alone. There are many ways in which you can find stability and connection in your retirement life, without losing the love that you shared with your life partner. Some of these ways are shared below.  Make New Connections  Seniors in retirement facilities will be vulnerable to health issues from feelings of loneliness. Losing a spouse can add to the feelings of loneliness and loss. Even though new connections cannot replace the relationship shared by you and your life partner, you can always continue to make new connections in assisted living facilities. Finding new friends might not be difficult in your retirement life. Instead of that, you can focus on making new connections by sharing your life experiences. To make new connections, you can attend an outdoor concert, attend a book club, etc. Always keep in mind that shared experiences are the building block of a new friendship.  Continue Traditions  Even though continuing the traditions that you and your spouse shared can make you sad, continuing the traditions can help you feel connected to your life partner and can […]

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A senior couple hold a basket of flowers in a lush spring environment

Spring Bucket List For Elderly Adults

Spring is a season of joy for many. The warmer temperatures, longer days, and bursts of colors can bring happiness to the minds of people. This is especially true in the case of seniors, no matter whether they live in an area that has a long winter, or are looking to celebrate spring. Our experts in senior living and senior care share a few ideas that can inspire seniors to celebrate this spring season.  Buy Flowers  It is a great idea to buy flowers to improve the aesthetics of your home. This can not only make your home beautiful but also support a local business. You can buy a bundle of flowers and take them home to have your own attractive and colorful arrangements. If you would like others to do the flower arranging, you may buy a pre-made bouquet and display the same in your mason jar.  Visit The Farmer’s Market  For many states, spring is the beginning of the farmer’s market season. You might not find large amounts of fruits and vegetables with the vendor but will be able to find eggs, local honey, etc. In addition, it is another great reason to go outside and enjoy the great weather. In many southern states, farmer’s markets in the spring season will be filled with flowers, fresh produce, and chances to start a conversation. Make sure to take advantage of the same.  Get Creative  No bucket list will be complete without trying something new. Spring is a season that […]

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Here Is How Yoga Is Beneficial For Seniors 

Seniors these days understand that growing older does not have to mean moving slower or growing sicker. Many seniors choose to remain active throughout retirement and assisted living and other senior rehab facilities help them with this. While some seniors are lifting weights or running marathons, many choose to go with the ancient practice of yoga. As per the experts in senior living, yoga can be beneficial for people of all ages, including seniors. Shared below are some of the important benefits of yoga for seniors.    Improved Flexibility  Yoga can help improve the flexibility of the practitioner. With the increase in flexibility, the rate of injury from falls can be minimized. In addition, seniors practicing yoga can recover quickly from pain and other injuries.    More Balance  With age, our balance can suffer. When seniors take part in yoga sessions, they are actively working on their body balance. Many yoga poses like the tree pose can help the practitioner improve his/her balance. With an improvement in balance, the chances of injury from falls are reduced.    Improved Body Awareness  In yoga sessions, practitioners are made to pay attention to specific areas and parts of their bodies. This can improve body awareness which can translate to reduced falls and increased awareness when they are ill or fatigued.    Enhanced Brain Activity  Experts claim that taking a yoga class offers much more than just physical benefits. The majority of the yoga poses entail outstretching an arm over the body of the […]

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