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Tips For Touring Assisted Living Facilities

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Finding the right assisted living facility for your senior loved one is a really important decision for you to make. There are a few important things that you should look out for while assessing a senior living facility and you need to consider the quality of care that your senior loved one may receive in the facility. The below tips can be used while touring senior care communities to find the facility that your senior loved one will be comfortable staying in.

Observe The Level Of Cleanliness 

Observe the place and see if it feels clean and fresh. Enquire about the frequency at which housekeeping is provided in personal living space. Besides, collect details about the type of maintenance offered and the estimated time of response. Do not miss out on enquiring about the specifics such as what is being offered and at what expense.

Foul smells in the property can indicate a lack of cleanliness or some temporary issues. If the odor is concentrated in an area, it can be due to a recent incident, and smells throughout the assisted living community can be an indication of a bigger problem. Make it a point to ask the manager about the cause of the problem.

Observe Staff Friendliness 

The friendliness and attitude of the staff are important things that you need to pay attention to. Watch several staff members interacting with the residents to assess their friendliness. Do the staff members listen to the residents and share a mutual eye gaze with them? Also, find the number of staff members involved in the care of residents and make sure that you get introduced to the management team.

Drop-In Amid An Activity 

It will be great to drop into the facility right when they are conducting an event for its residents. Ask the manager of the facility if you can watch the event or even take part in the activities. See if the events are activities are well attended and take a look at the calendar of events to see if the events match the interests of your senior loved one. Also, try to find if the events and activities include trips away from the community.

Enjoy A Nibble At The Facility 

For the elderly, having a good dining room experience is of great importance. While visiting communities make sure to discuss dining options, procedures, and hours. Also, try to enjoy a meal at the property as it can not only let you sample the meal but also let you meet some of the residents of the facility. You may also discuss what happens if any resident is not able to make it to the dining area for a meal.

Enquire About Security And Safety 

Security and safety features of the community are extremely important for seniors and can provide peace of mind for the caregiver. Ensure that the bathrooms in the facility are accessible and that they have grab bars in convenient locations. Enquire about how the residents can get in touch with the staff in case of emergencies. Besides, try to find out about other safety features that are available throughout the facility. Enquire about the availability of registered nurses on-site and do not forget to ask specific questions about other medical needs that must be met for your senior loved one.

Ask About Personal Care 

While on the tour of the facility, ask questions about the personal care of the residents. Discuss the bathing options and preferences. Observe the current residents and see if they are clean-shaven and have well-groomed hair and nails. Are they properly dressed? Does the staff of the facility treat the residents with respect and dignity? 

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