Lonely senior resident in assisted living facility looks out the window solemnly as he sits in his wheelchair.

How to Combat Senior Isolation and Loneliness

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The feelings of isolation and loneliness are prevalent in seniors and can lead to serious health consequences. For instance, social isolation can cause psychological problems like depression and increase the risks of physical conditions like heart disease and immunodeficiency. That is why family members need to help seniors in combating isolation and loneliness.

Although living alone does not necessarily lead to seniors’ social isolation, it certainly is a prime factor. That is why assisted living communities encourage seniors to socialize with other residents to stay physically and mentally healthy. Getting seniors to engage in social activities is one of the best ways to ensure that seniors stay emotionally engaged and find more meaning in their life. Below are a few tips that will help you to fight senior isolation.

Keep Them Engaged

Seniors who have a hobby that interests them will have a sense of purpose and are less likely to give in to the negative thoughts of being alone. Aside from stirring a sense of purpose, many hobbies naturally encourage seniors to socialize with others. A group activity can be more beneficial in this regard and keep all the participants emotionally connected. That is why assisted living facilities plan many events and recreational activities to help their residents socialize and remain active in their hobbies and interests.

Ensure Proper Transportation

The inability to drive or travel as they used to is one of the main things that strikes the sense of loneliness and abandonment in seniors. By ensuring they have access to adequate transportation, you can help your loved one stay connected with their friends and give them a feeling of independence. This is also important to ensure that they maintain their health checkup schedules aptly.

Give Them a Pet

If your senior is a cat or dog person, then giving them a pet will keep them engaged and help rekindle the sense of purpose. Caring about a pet is beneficial in lowering anxiety and blood pressure in seniors, while also boosting memory and mood. Many assisted living communities allow seniors to have pets and find companionship as they care for them.

Motivate Seniors to Get Involved in the Community

Seniors in an assisted living community can have numerous options to stay involved in different activities and negate the feelings of isolation. This not only helps them thrive by close involvement with the community but also meet like-minded people to socialize and communicate with. Attending a local event or festival can also add a little excitement to their routine and keep them happy. Some senior care facilities even help seniors to volunteer in an event as per their health conditions.

Encourage a Regular Workout Schedule

Regular exercise helps seniors in many ways; it keeps the levels of endorphins in the body balanced, which makes them feel good. Besides, working out is also seen to be beneficial for seniors in managing the blood circulation, keeping the bones and muscles healthy, and maintaining their flexibility and strength. Daily exercise sessions and yoga classes at assisted living communities can be the best way to reap the physical and psychological perks of working out and help combat social isolation.

Managing routine doctor visits is also vital to make sure that your senior stays healthy and socially connected. This will also help address health problems that could cause your loved one to disconnect and become isolated. For instance, if your senior has undiagnosed vision or hearing problems, it could make them stay away from social situations to avoid embarrassment. Regular visits to the primary health care facility will help to treat these conditions in time and ensure your loved one gets all the opportunities to connect and live a contented life socially.

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