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How To Successfully Age In Place?

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One of the most common problems faced by elderly adults these days is finding a way to
age in place safely. This is why many seniors opt for senior care options like assisted
living facilities. As per a recent study, most elderly adults wish to grow older in their own
homes. But a very big obstacle in achieving it is a lack of help for seniors who are living
alone. Even though senior caregivers can help a senior loved one age in place, it cannot
be guaranteed that a caregiver will be available round the clock.

Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to ensure successful aging in place.
Senior care experts in assisted living facilities share some tips for seniors to age in place
safely. Read along to know.

Take Good Care Of Your Health

This tip can seem obvious, but it is very important not to underestimate the impact of a
healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle can help avoid many problems related to
aging, like dementia, heart problems, arthritis, etc. Regular exercise and a nutritious diet
are very important in a healthy lifestyle. In the case of elderly adults, a minimum of
thirty minutes of physical activity and a diet filled with vegetables, whole grains, fruits,
nuts and fish is advisable. Having a healthy diet can reduce the risk of stroke and

Avoid Tripping Hazards

We all view our home as a safe place, especially if we have been living in the same home
for decades. Therefore, people find it difficult to believe that an accident can happen in
their homes. But statistics show that about sixty percent of falls occur within the home
and most of them occur as a result of tripping over things. This is why it is important to
look out for any tripping hazards in your home like:
 Carpets and rugs
 Electrical cords
 Clutter on the floor
 Uneven floors

Have A Buddy System

Aging in place does not mean that you have to stay indoors all the time. As per senior
care experts, social isolation can have damaging effects on the health of elderly adults.

This is why it is important to ensure the company of friends and family. You can make an
exercise routine with a nearby friend, visit community centers or get to know your
neighbors. Having a buddy system in place can also be beneficial. You may also schedule
check-in calls and regular visits with family members to ensure that everything is ok.

Install Home Safety Tools

Removing tripping hazards is not the only thing in ensuring your safety in your home.
With age, we can become more vulnerable to accidents and you need to install home
safety tools to avoid accidents. The easy-to-install home safety tools shared below can
be a big help to seniors living alone at home. Ensure your safety while aging in place
with these devices.
 Grab bars in bathrooms
 Non-slip mats in the kitchen
 Handrails in hallways
 Non-slip treads on steps
 Nightlights

Be Proactive

This is a very beneficial tip while living alone at home. We cannot know when an
emergency will strike. However, that does not mean that we should not do things to
prepare for emergencies. You need to have a plan in the event of any emergency like a
power outage, fire, or medical emergency. Maintain a list of emergency contact
numbers and keep it near the phone for quick reference.
All these tips can help you successfully age in place while ensuring your safety and

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