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Why Retirement Communities Are More Popular Than Before

It is unsurprising that the coronavirus pandemic has badly affected the senior living and retirement living industries. This is especially the case with communities that offer advanced care options for seniors, such as assisted living facilities, memory care and skilled nursing locations. Overwhelming financial loss is associated with the health and advanced age of residents, the quarters that they share as well as their smaller dining halls and social settings. However, independent living communities fare relatively better for the same reasons mentioned above. Different from advanced care service providers, it is the health and age of residents in those communities that benefitted them. Retirement communities continue to be more popular now than ever before. Here, we will discuss some reasons why that is the case. The Epidemic People were searching for retirement living locations and making moves even as families looked away from advanced care service locations as the pandemic was at its peak. The main reason for this is the sense of isolation that senior retirees felt when in shut-off circumstances at home. Pandemic isolation cut off their connections with the outside world as well as reduced what they did for socialization and entertainment. The other reason concerns the desire of people for the facilities that all-inclusive independent living communities could offer. Many communities offer meals, transportation, housekeeping and activities with socialization opportunities in place. Those communities reduced the requirement for recently-retired people to handle everything by themselves. People Pay Attention Again To What Retirement Means A continuing care […]

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Active seniors in assisted living facilities, senior health

What Is Active Senior Living? 

As per the experts in senior assisted living, most of the seniors wish to age in place, living in their homes. For many elderly adults, the thought of moving to assisted living facilities can be frightening due to fears of being put away in a senior care home or abandoned by a community of aged people who do nothing. However, research shows that elderly adults who move to senior living communities have a happy and healthy life. This is because life in a senior living community can help avoid loneliness as there are many chances to socialize in these communities.    Active senior living can help counteract the isolation that many elderly adults feel at home, that too, at a much affordable rate than many seniors expect. So, why do many seniors fear transitioning to assisted living communities? We are usually afraid of the unfamiliar and modern senior living communities are much different from the nursing homes of the past. Many of us may not have visited a senior living community and this is why we make our retirement decisions based on fears. This can mean missing out on one of the most affordable and the best ways to ensure a happy retirement life.    Active senior living can offer you everything you need to make your retirement life exceptional. If you have not heard of active senior living, read along to know more about this life-changing senior living option.    Active Senior Living  Active senior living provides elderly adults […]

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A senior using a walker with staff help in a New York assisted living home.

A Note On Age-Related Macular Degeneration Observed In Seniors 

Every year the month of February is remembered as Age-Related Macular Degeneration Awareness Month. As per the statistics, AMD is one of the major causes of vision loss in people over the age of 50. This disease is very common among seniors and can be challenging to diagnose at the early stages. Moreover, the treatment options for the problem tend to be limited. Many seniors in assisted living communities suffer from this problem and it is important to know about the different types, causes, symptoms, and preventive measures to ensure proper treatment for the problem. Categories Of AMD  Age-Related Macular Degeneration is a condition developed due to problems with the segment of the retina that is at the back of the retina – macula. This segment of the retina takes care of central vision. AMD can be categorized into two namely, dry AMD and wet AMD. The most observed variant of AMD is dry AMD. This condition develops as a result of thinning of the macula with age and smaller clusters of protein get accumulated in it. The central vision will be blurry and it will progress slowly. Usually, it does not expand to peripheral vision, making it difficult to notice the problem in the early stages. Wet AMD is less common and a more serious problem. This condition develops as a result of new and abnormal blood vessels that start to grow under the retina scarring the macula. In this type of macular degeneration, vision loss is more severe […]

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A doctor speaking with a senior resident at a NY nursing home.

Evaluating the Causes of Malnutrition in Seniors and How to Prevent it

Maintaining good nutrition is imperative for the overall health and wellbeing of seniors. However, it is seen that older adults are at an increased risk of malnutrition when compared to younger people. This could be due to many reasons such as low appetite, changes in taste and smell, and inability to enjoy food and following regular eating habits. Yet no matter what the reason is, inadequate nutrition can lead to many complications for seniors. The common problems caused by malnutrition in seniors include a weakened immune system, more likelihood of developing infections, poor wound healing, decreased bone mass, muscle weakness, exhaustion, and more. These problems can lead to a higher risk of hospitalization due to falls or new conditions. In some cases, malnutrition can also increase the risk of death. That is why you need to understand the factors that can lead to malnutrition in your elderly loved one and take adequate steps to prevent it. Assisted living facilities often have staff dedicated to ensuring all residents get proper nutrition. Below are some of the key factors that contribute to malnutrition in seniors. Chronic illnesses and decline in appetite due to any specific disease-related inflammation that affects how the body processes nutrients Difficulties in chewing or swallowing, inability in handling tableware, poor dental health Dementia or other behavioral or memory issues caused due to Alzheimer’s disease Taking medications that suppress appetite or affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients Dietary restrictions because of any specific medical condition, such as limits […]

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a doctor helps a senior with pain management.

Chronic Pain in the Elderly and How to Manage it

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 20 million older adults in the US alone are living with chronic pain. As chronic pain interferes with their daily life, seniors often take medications to manage their condition. Yet because of the opioid epidemic in recent times, doctors are reluctant to recommend pharmacological solutions for chronic pain. This can make things quite challenging for seniors, but there are ways to manage chronic pain effectively and deal with the frustrating situation without relying on medications. Causes of Chronic Pain in Seniors As we age, our body becomes weaker and paves the way for many types of complications. The most common cause of chronic pain in seniors is found to be musculoskeletal disorders that happen due to the weakening of the bones. Conditions like arthritis and degenerative spinal problems often lead to severe pain in the elderly, while ischemic pain, neuropathic pain, and pain due to cancer and its treatment are also triggers of chronic pain. Vertebral compression fractures in older women are another common cause of severe pain and discomfort. Chronic pain in seniors can lead to an increased risk of falls, functional impairment, mobility problems, and other adverse outcomes like depression and sleep issues. Pain evaluation and treatment is also very difficult in seniors because of concomitant chronic illnesses, whereas older adults also respond differently to different therapies, making it difficult to follow a treatment plan. Moreover, many seniors also have some kind of cognitive impairment that […]

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Seniors using resistance bands to exercise.

Fall Prevention Exercises for Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

Seniors are at great risk of falls and getting injured due to that. That is why assisted living communities employ all necessary safety measures and precautions to make sure that their residents stay safe and avoid unnecessary falls. Caregivers at senior care facilities also encourage their residents to practice simple fall prevention exercises regularly, which help to strengthen their muscles, improve balance, and boost cognitive skills. Below are some of the most effective fall prevention exercises for seniors in assisted living communities. Visit our Services page to learn more about our services, including group exercises. Chair Leg Raise Exercises This is one of the most common fall prevention exercises, wherein you need to sit on a sturdy chair, hold the base of the chair with your hands, and extend one leg straight up. Then bring the knee toward the chest while keeping the upper body still. Hold it for a few seconds, and then repeat the same process with the other leg. Elastic Band Exercises Elastic band exercises can help to improve hip stability and strength, which are essential to maintain mobility and avoid falls. Caregivers at assisted living facilities can guide you with different types of elastic band exercises that suit your condition and can help to strengthen your hips, such as hip abduction, hip flexion, hip adduction, and hip extension exercises. Weightlifting Weightlifting is another great exercise for seniors and it helps to maintain their balance and movement control. However, this exercise should be done under proper supervision […]

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Senior woman enjoying gardening in an assisted living community.

How Gardening Benefits Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

Gardening has many surprising health benefits for seniors, which is why most assisted living communities promote the activity among their residents. For instance, it keeps seniors engaged and active, while helping to reduce the likelihood of some common ailments associated with aging as well. Below are some of the most amazing benefits of gardening for seniors in assisted living care facilities. It Helps to Burn Calories Aging reduces mobility in seniors, which is why many of them spend their time sitting in one place or sleeping. This kind of inactivity can lead to higher calorie retention in the body, which can cause other complications in seniors. Gardening gives a simple way to exercise and burn calories by pulling weeds and planting seeds. It is even reported that light yard work and gardening can help to burn up to 330 calories in an hour. It Helps to Relieve Stress It is common for seniors to become anxious about a variety of things and stress over them. This could range from their family problems to worrying over their declining health condition. This can lead to restlessness and distress in seniors. Gardening can help to divert their focus and give them the responsibility to take care of their plants. This, in turn, helps to cultivate a sense of purpose and reduces stress and feelings of depression. It Promotes Heart Health Seniors are prone to a wide range of heart diseases due to the weakening of their heart muscles and other health complications. As […]

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It's common for senior citizens to develop vision loss over time whether it's related to glaucoma, cataracts, or other health conditions.

Common Causes of Vision Loss in Seniors

Seniors often experience loss of vision as they age. Changes in sight are a common concern for the elderly and it requires them to wear eyeglasses to read or view the things ahead clearly. However, studies show that there are many other factors other than aging, which can affect the eyesight of seniors as well. Some of these risk factors can be avoided, which is why it is important to be aware of the warning signs and take preventative measures to avoid total vision loss.  24-Hour caregivers at your loved ones assisted living community will be able to determine the stage of vision loss and help provide them with the care they need. Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Macular degeneration refers to the condition when a part of the retina, which is called the macula, is damaged. There are two different types of macular degeneration, and they both lead to the loss of central vision. In most cases though, the peripheral vision remains unchanged. While aging is a common risk factor for macular degeneration, there can be other underlying causes too that could lead to the vision problem. This includes being overweight, following a high-fat diet, smoking, and high blood pressure. As there are no early symptoms of the condition, it is recommended to see an eye doctor regularly for screening and timely intervention. Assisted living communities can also help to reduce the progression of the disease by offering a special combination of vitamins and minerals in the diet. Cataracts This […]

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senior reviewing medication with doctor

Why is Medication Review Important for Seniors?

One of the most beneficial aspects of moving to an assisted living care facility is that they help seniors with managing different types of medications. The professional caregivers at assisted living communities will help with administering the right dosage as well as ensuring that the medications are ordered appropriately. They can also schedule a medication review for seniors with physicians and pharmacists so that the senior can understand and lower the risk of potential side effects due to multiple drug interactions. What is a Medication Review? Seniors above the age of 65 are often prescribed multiple medications, some taken multiple times a day. This can increase the possibility of potential conflicts or duplications, especially when multiple physicians are involved. Reviewing the medications with a professional pharmacist will help to recognize if the prescribed medicines need to be adjusted or if they counteract the action of another medication. A medication review will also help to keep an eye on the expiration dates as well as see which ones the senior no longer needs to take. It is a known fact that modern pharmaceutical technology helps to lower the chances of a dangerous drug interaction. However, there can be instances when a senior uses different pharmacies for different types of prescribed medicines. The senior could be taking a few over-the-counter drugs too. That is why it is important to consult with a pharmacist to understand the effects and potential contradicting actions of all prescription and over-the-counter medications. As pharmacists are experienced in […]

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How Assisted Living Communities Motivate Seniors to Get Involved

Seniors can often seep into boredom and solitude, especially when they are away from their loved ones in an assisted living care facility. Assisted living communities understand this and offer many opportunities for their senior residents to do something meaningful with their free time. Researchers have established that when people do something productive, they find a sense of purpose in life, which works to benefit their overall health. Being involved is also seen to reduce stress and anxiety in seniors. That is why assisted living facilities do their best to inspire seniors to stay engaged and live a contented life. How Assisted Living Communities Motivate Seniors to Get Involved Assisted living is rooted in a community lifestyle, which allows seniors to interact and socialize with like-minded people. They offer a wide variety of activities and recreational opportunities to their residents, which help to boost community-involvement, entertainment, and socialization. Below are some of the ways, in which senior care facilities inspire seniors to get involved and lead happier lives. Workshops and Classes Assisted living communities organize different classes and workshops for seniors to participate in and explore their creative side. This can range from cooking classes and painting sessions to book clubs and many other interactive workshops, which are enjoyable and promote senior socialization. This way, seniors can stay up to date with the current events and connect with people having similar tastes. Dancing Dancing is a fun activity for people of all ages. Seniors can benefit from dancing in a […]

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