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Women talking to Elderly lady

Helping A Senior Loved One Suffering From Mental Health Decline 

Anyone can have mental health issues at any stage of life, but older persons are typically more prone to depression and other mental diseases. According to the World Health Organization, 15% of persons 60 and older have a mental illness. However, mental diseases are not always a natural part of aging. If you notice or learn from a loved one that their poor mental health significantly interferes with their daily activities, they may require help. It is especially helpful for family members and friends to assist older persons in finding mental health therapies that will enhance their quality of life. Senior care experts in our assisted living facility share ways in which you can help an elderly loved one suffering from mental health decline.  Signs Of Declining Mental Health A decline in mental health may be brought on by a variety of factors, including physical sickness, loneliness, and challenging lifestyle choices. No matter the circumstance, friends and family should be able to spot the typical indicators of a mental health crisis, which include: Noticeable, long-lasting mood swings Rage, hostility, or unrest A lack of joy even when engaging in activities that a loved one usually enjoys Having trouble sleeping or sleeping excessively Changes in appetite Digestion problems, persistent pain, or recurrent headaches Dependence on drugs or alcohol Suicidal thoughts Taking part in risky activities The list of potential warning signs is endless, but the most crucial thing is to find and deal with any noticeable changes in a loved one’s […]

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How Old Do I Need To Be For Staying In A Senior Assisted Living Community

When considering senior living options, many people wonder how old they have to be for senior assisted living. After all, the word “old” can mean many different things for different people and the Boomers are showing their younger generations that age is just a number. You may be startled to know that senior living communities offer a living style that can suit a range of ages, from the mid-50s and beyond.   Active Fifties  Independent living communities can be suitable for elderly adults who are in search of a lifestyle that can offer new learning opportunities, new friendships, and freedom from the hassles of home maintenance and ownership. Most of the senior independent living communities in the country allow seniors as young as fifty-five years of age to take advantage of living in an active independent living community. There is no solid upper age limit for these communities. This means that as long as you are capable of maintaining an unconventional lifestyle, you can make the best out of living in these communities.   Independent living communities are much different from what many seniors think of when they recall the retirement home of their mother or father. Most of the modern independent living communities feature amenities like free Wi-Fi, on-campus lectures, overnight trips, and even swimming pools. Residents of these communities can take part in a variety of activities and events and enjoy dining experiences featuring chef-made cuisine.   Aging In Place  With age comes chronic or complex medical conditions. […]

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Senior couple signing up for Medicare

When Is The Right Time To Move To Senior Living After Selling Your Home?  

Have you been watching the real estate market and wondering if it is time to sell your home and move to a senior living community? As per the experts, the real estate market in the country is booming due to demand from remote workers and low mortgage rates. Many remote workers are in search of more space or a new area to call home. If you are an elderly adult and have been wondering about the best time to sell your home and move to an assisted living community, the time could be now.   The Real Estate Market In The Country  The real estate trade in the country continually shifts from a consumer’s market to a vendor’s market. The market is now booming because of increased demand and low inventory. More and more people are now ready to move into a home that provides space for an office or growing family. People are even ready to make a bigger move to a new city or state as they have increased flexibility due to the pandemic.   Even though there are many buyers in the market, there are not many sellers to meet the increasing demand. Due to this, home showings can have a line of potential buyers and many sellers are bagging great deals to edge out the competition. The real estate market is a seller’s market now and if you have a home to sell, now is the time to list it.   The money that you get […]

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Pneumonia in seniors

Things You Should Know About Pneumonia In Seniors

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs and it can be a serious threat to seniors. Seniors are at a bigger risk of complications and death from pneumonia and other respiratory conditions. As per the reports of the CDC, about 250,000 people are hospitalized with pneumonia every year. Read ahead to understand the facts about this respiratory infection and ways to prevent pneumonia in seniors. If you doubt that your senior loved one is suffering from pneumonia, make sure to see the doctor right away.   What Is Pneumonia?  Pneumonia is a respiratory infection and can result in inflammation in the alveoli present inside our lungs. Alveoli are air sacs and they can be filled with pus or fluid when you are suffering from pneumonia. This can result in breathing issues together with symptoms like fever. The infection can affect one or both of the lungs and when it affects both the lungs, it is called double pneumonia. The severity of the condition can differ with age, cause of the infection, and also the present health condition of the individual.   Symptoms Of Pneumonia                                                 There can be many signs and symptoms of pneumonia and some of the most common ones can be fever, shortness of breath, chills, cough with phlegm, pain in the chest while coughing or breathing, fatigue, etc. As per the caregivers in skilled nursing […]

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Differences between assisted living and respite care

Major Differences Between Assisted Living And Respite Care Facilities

When your senior loved ones reach the golden years, you will need to accept the reality of residential care, like assisted living, respite care, or memory care. Just like it can be confusing for your senior loved one, it can also be confusing for you when you have such wide levels of unfamiliar care options. Which type of care facility is best for your senior loved one? It will be difficult for you to find out when you do not know what you are looking for.   Here, we will share some of the common differences between respite care and assisted living for your knowledge, so that you will be able to choose the suitable nursing care option for your elderly parent or any other senior loved one.   Assisted Living Facilities  It is natural for seniors to need little help with personal care. Your senior loved one may be very independent, but they may need help with housekeeping, cooking, and laundry. An assisted living facility can be the best option if your senior loved one values their independence a lot but could use some help with activities of daily living. Most of the best programs will start with a full assessment of the person to find out the level of care necessary for the person.   Private apartments in assisted living communities can provide your parent with the necessary privacy and they can have medical assistance round the clock. If your senior loved one likes to keep to themselves, […]

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