Visitation is now fully opened. You no longer need to schedule visits with our residents.  Masks are required and you will need to complete a screening before visiting with residents. 
Please see attached "Visitor fact sheet."


Best Activities for a Visit to an Assisted Living Facility

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The move to an assisted living community can be tough for seniors. Often, the impact of leaving their home and moving to a new environment can affect their overall mental and physical well-being. That is why it is important to make the transition period as smooth as possible. One of the crucial things to do in order to make the move easier is to visit the assisted living facility regularly. You will need to create a new routine around your work hours and other commitments to spend some time with your elderly loved one in the senior living community. Apart from that, you should also try to make each visit special for your senior family member as they adjust to the new environment. Below are some simple activities that can help to make your time with your senior loved one at the assisted living facility more special.  Do Crafts Together Doing crafts is a simple but fun and engaging activity that can help you spend some quality time together with your elderly loved one. You can find many ideas for senior-friendly crafts online, which allow you to create something beautiful together. This can especially be a great activity during the holidays or celebrating a particular day, like an anniversary or birthday. Play a Board Game Board games can keep seniors mentally active while keeping it fun. You can even ask the neighbors or new friends of your elderly family member in the assisted living facility to join in and have […]

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